Liparita Cellars on WineBid

There’s a ton of 1990’s Liparita wines on right now that say they were purchased from the winery. Anyone have any experience with the '90’s Liparitas?

IIRC their grapes also went into Caymus Special selection back then. The wines of theirs I’ve had from 90s have been good but not great. At those prices they would be fun to drink with low risk.

I bit on some from the auction two weeks ago, anniversary year for us, so always looking for opportunities. low down side at these prices, for sure.

See recent thread:

[cheers.gif] Great find you guys! These truly are great deals. Have fun!

And thanks for the shout-out!

We spoke about this now-gone estate, when I crashed your recent Noo Yawk client event.

Three of my former analysts had pasta dinner with me last night, and we drank the 1990 and 1992 Cabernet Sauvignon and the 1992 Merlot.

From 1997 onward, the label and the legacy plots parted ways entirely, such that the wine has been made with purchased grapes, typically not from Howell Mountain.

Do I understand correctly - that all auctions end at the same time? I’m currently the high bidder on way too many items (most at opening bid) that I expect I will get outbid on. But it’s not staggered at all, correct? So I can’t up some bids later if I get oubid on others earlier?

High bidders have freedom to do as wished.

They all end Sunday night at 7pm Pacific time.


The cheapie beauties are largely gone, early on and certainly now, much to my cellar. Never again at these prices and bottle conditions. Another WineHunting success.

Never say never Victor

LOL. I won over 20 bottles - including a bunch of magnums and TWO of the 5 Liter monsters (1998 Enlace and 1998 Cab for about $160 each, including the commission). I put many of these bids in at the opening price, more as a fun tracking bid, but the joke was on me!

I bought some select bottles. Some too cheap to just let go by.

In December, I scooped up cases of the 1992 and 1995 Cabernet and Merlot for $20 per bottle. Plus magnums for $35 each. Delicious, with at least twenty years of upcoming enjoyment.

Since I got into wine, this has long been my favorite California wine estate, although now subsumed into Kendall-Jackson $200+ bottlings and spoofilated wine-making.

The only lesser year was 1993. Ignore anything after 1996. A couple of bottles had slight seepage via loose corks, but the wine was still fine. Notably, oak is barely noticeable across vintages and varietals.

Victor, why anything post-96? They have a fair bit on Wine Bid up to 2016.

I used CT to guide my buys. How do you pass up well aged Napa wines for $23 including the premium.

From 1997 onward, the wine is merely a label, made with purchased grapes, as Kendall-Jackson bought the Liparita section of the legacy Liparita-LaJota Vineyard in 1996. The last vintage to contain Howell Mountain grapes was 1996. And the owner of the label favors New World, sweet, ripe, and oak-laden style.

You should snap up any remaining 1991 Cabernet, as it has some of the Old World cabernet franc notes which you like, albeit in an elegant, not rustic, manner. Quite beautiful, but super cheap.

I will gladly take the risk of this recurring unexpectedly.