'Link to Highlight' Redirect Not Working

Tried to paste a link with highlighted text on a web redirect and it doesn’t work.

For example, if you follow the below link, it should highlight the 3rd and 4th sentences under the ‘AVOIDING GIFT CARD SCAMS’ section, but it simply redirects you to the page without highlighting.

This works from other sites, but seems broken here. Not urgent, but figured it was worth calling out.

Gift Cards - The Home Depot.

Tyler, I’m trying to understand exactly what you are talking about, so I can figure it out.

The link provided does indeed go to the gift card page for Home Depot - I’ve pulled the link out and just pasted it in a browser as well, same thing. You have a way to link to a page that then highlights sentences WITHIN that page? Honestly I’ve never heard about that, but sounds fantastic. The more info you can provide, the better.

Also, I wonder if it might be not the system here that is the issue, but the coding on that particular page - have you found success with that exact link (or what you are TRYING to link anyway) that successfully did it? When I just copy the link itself and open in a new browser window I get the same as if I click it from within your post

it depends on whether you click on the link and let discourse open the new tab vs right click open in new tab, which results in the desired behavior.

this is what i see, which i believe is the intended result when manually opening in a new tab

I did a ‘copy link’ and opened in a new tab, have no highlighted text (in Safari) - same situation when I right click and ‘open new tab’ - nothing highlighted.

Copied the link and opened in Chrome, it worked with highlighted text

weird. just tried on safari (mac os) and clicking it opened in same tab with highlights. right-click open in new tab, also highlighted. prior post was based on chrome on windows.

i’d put this pretty low on your kanban board.