Limited Offer For NewbiePalooza Day-Six Cloves Elegant 2018 Library Wines Crafted By A Japanese Female Winemaker

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I’m delighted to present Six Cloves Wines to the Wine Berserkers’ folks for the first time on the NewbiePalooza!

My name is Sonoe, born and raised in Nagano, Japan by a family of sake and soy sauce & miso-makers who have been in the businesses for many centuries. While I was in NY, I chose an accounting career to climb a long corporate ladder in NYC. But l fell in love with the world of wine like many others who found passion in wine. Once I found out that I could pursue a career in winemaking, I applied for the winemaking program and crossed the continent, and spent four years studying winemaking in the small town of Davis, California.

Thereafter, I was very fortunate to apprentice with so many prominent producers in the past decade across the world, including Ted Lemon of Littorai, Steve Matthiasson, Hiro Kusuda in NZ, Andre Ostertag from Alsace working in Chile, to name a few.
My winemaking philosophy follows the pursuit of what I learned from their principles in grape growing and winemaking: creating the most authentic wines, which reflect the site, people, and their culture & history. As I continue to make wine over years, I came to realize that Japanese food culture had a significant influence on my stylistic choices. Like a great sake will be in harmony with great Japanese cuisine, all Six Cloves’ wines are meant to be enjoyed with great cuisines yet express their beauty in subtle ways.

I have been producing small lots of wine, just a couple of hundred cases every year since 2017, sold almost only at boutique wine shops and fine dining establishments in Japan until recently. This time, I’m so thrilled with this opportunity to share Six Cloves with the Wine Berserkers in California. I hope all of you enjoy Six Cloves with your loved ones during this holiday season!!

Six Cloves 2018 Library Wine Set-A Set of 2 bottles-Limited Offer of 24 Sets at $75.00 (10% off of $83), plus taxes and shipping

  • 2018 Chardonnay, Linda Vista Vineyards, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley
  • 2018 Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast, Sonoma

These wines are a very popular combo among my patrons of sushi restaurant clients in Japan! I am releasing these very limited library collections for the event. Grab them while they last and enjoy along with sushi and many other Japanese cuisines!

Click the below link to purchase the 2018 Vintage Set.

I am also offering limited-time FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON THE ORDER OF 6 BOTTLES OR MORE during this holiday season!! Don’t miss this opportunity and place orders by November 21st (Sun) by 6 pm for the Thanksgiving Day deliveries to enjoy Six Cloves’ wines!

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Sonoe Hirabayashi
Owner & Winemaker
Six Cloves Wines

Our 2nd limited offer! (This was an idea from one of the Council - and note that it’s a 2-bottle set, however…if you get 3 sets, you get free shipping, amiright? if you do, they will go VERY fast)

Grabbed this, the 3 pack offer and 1 2020 Chard - thank you for the offers!

Order in, can you bundle it with the previous order and back out the shipping charge?

Didn’t she hand-deliver last time? For a tour of the cellar build, it’s worth it, right??

The POS software charged shipping to my card.

damn technology!

Yes, certainly!
I’m packing them for you now!

I wish. I’m a big fan of Linda Vista vineyard. Either one of these sound like great pairings for my fiance’s Sukiyaki that comes from her O Bachan’s recipe.
Unfortunately located in Oklahoma. :neutral_face:

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Excited to try these !

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Thank you Erica! Your order will be out tomorrow! Hope you enjoy Six Cloves!!

[media][/media]Thank you folks for purchasing this limited set of 2018!
These wines went very fast in the Japanese market and I was almost going to let go of all the cases… But I am so glad I saved some to share with you guys! 2018 Chardonnay was served at Hilton Tokyo back in 2019 at the restaurants they house in the complex for a while and the wine was sold out quickly. There are still some reserves of Pinot in Japan with my importer. They are currently served at a newly opened Peter Luger Steak House in Tokyo & have been receiving great feedback from my Japanese patrons. Both of them are very subtle so please enjoy them with a nice big burgundy glass to enjoy themselves as well as with great sushi or tempura!

Congrats Sonoe!

Sonoe also worked a harvest at Dehlinger Winery in Russian River Valley several years ago.



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Yes! Need to add to my list!!