Lets talk JURA...


What an amazing two days that must have been – incroyable! My experience with wines of the Jura is very limited, but as I noted in my post above I find them fascinating. I am slowly picking up the occasional bottle, and learning as I go. I plan to some day visit the Jura, preferably sooner rather than later, but the list of places to travel for my wife and I just keeps getting longer. Then again, my wife seems to always be game to go anywhere in France!

Santé, [cheers.gif]


Tim, when were you there? How long do you think is needed for a “good” visit? Any other tips for a first trip to the Jura? Not going any time soon, but I’ll file away any tips. Thanks!


Jeunet is “the” place where to go, with a very nice wine list.
I was there two weeks ago and we drank :

Champagne Krug Clos du Mesnil 1988
Corton-Charlemagne Domaine G. Roumier 1980
Chambolle-Musigny les Amoureuses Domaine G. Roumier 1971
Vin Jaune Marcel Blanchard propriétaire récoltant à Montain 1959

It is worth going there.

Thanks for the recommondation, François! Lisa and I will likely be in the Jura in late August and Jeunet was on my list. Now it is at the top [thumbs-up.gif]

Awesome notes Francois, I hope in the near future to try some Jura wines with serious age, many of the young wines show so much promise. I do still enjoy them young though.

At Ma Peche last night(top notch meal) I enjoyed a glass of puffeney, “melon a queue rouge,” 2005 generously giving to us by Tien. It was lovely with oysters and a couple crudo dishes, never really thought that this wine would go with oysters so well but the salty nutty thing really paired well with the briny oysters. Also ordered a bottle of puffeney, “cuvee les berangers,” 2008, this is still a baby but opened up like a young champ, amazing with the more intense truffle, mushroom and meat courses. I think this wine will age over the medium term nicely. They got a great Jura list going, our waitress was even a huge Jura wine fan and knew her stuff. Big props to Tien and Collin and all the staff for featuring Jura wines. Not an easy sell but Jura wines kick ass with the food and in general.

Looks like i’m not getting the Montbourgeau, but am the 2007 Domaine de L’Octavin Arbois Pamina, and some 2002 Jacques Puffeney Arbois Vin Jaune.

Anyone have a crack at those yet?

I would be so all over a SoCal Jura off-line!! probably not til April/May, though…


Some great information here - many thanks for the recommendations.
Will be visiting Jura in August, and badly need a primer in the wines, which I know so far only by repute.

Last year I took a Puffeney Savagnin Arbois to a BBQ with a bunch of wine makers. It really messed with some of their heads. Puffeney’s hyper oxidative style blew some of them away and others thought I was just nuts for bringing a wine like that and exclaiming how much I loved it. What a fun time.

I have a bottle of the 1966 Caves Jean Bourdy Cotes du Jura Blanc that I purchased via Garagiste a couple years back. It has been stored in my temp controlled cellar and I am looking to sell it for my cost. $129

I think Vernaccia di Oristano from Sardegna would be another point of comparison with Jura Whites.


honest question - what is the pleasure in the oxidative style? i have only tried a 2000 montbourgeau l’etoile that made me gag. i sure as hell don’t like my white burgundies tasting like this.

Do you like Sherry or old Champagne?

roberto - have only tried the sweeter sherries which i’ve liked and no older champagne.

Go to a good tapas bar, order some salty seafood based snacks and a glass of Fino Sherry (FRESH!!!) and get back to us…

same pairing for the jura?

Not traditionally but it would work. I’m just trying to get you an optimum entry level example of the joy of oxidative whites.

will give it a shot - thanks.

I’ve had two of the older Bourdy Rouge’s (the '55 and '53). I thought both were good, with the '55 being the better of the two:

5/23/2010 rated 90 points: Really interesting wine. Fairly light color, but no browning. Bit funky on the palate - some good acidity, slight fruit, almost like a Chateauneuf w/ some brettiness. Interesting, but not quite up to the '55 we drank a few months back.

11/23/2009 rated 95 points: Very good older wine. Very much like an old Burgundy, with subtle fruit and earth tones, with a hint of salinity. Used the slow oxigination method, and it was drinking well all through dinner. No experience with aging these wines, but didn’t seem to need to be drunk any time soon. Certainly not a big wine, but very well balanced.

Among younger wines, I really enjoy Puffeney’s Pinot Noir Arbois and Tissot’s & D’Arlay’s dessert wines.

I’ve only had one Vin Jaune (Montbourgeau ?) and it wasn’t my cup of tea - very much a really dry sherry with no sweetness. I have bought another bottle to try ('02 Chalon) so hopefully that one will be better.

Just came back from the Jura. Very beautiful, no Americans, great walking/hiking area, great food. Wines are fun as well.

Jeunet in Arbois is fantastic. Unbelievably good wine list. Had Jura wines one night, Burgundy the second. Value is unbelievably good, especially for a **.