Let's talk ITALIAN BEEF pairing

Going to make some homemade Italian Beef for the Bears game this Sunday night.
Definitely going to do some green peps, and mild gard as well any thoughts on a pairing?
I’m thinking Rhone.

I’d go lemon Italian ice with vodka.

Kidding aside, Rhone would be fun I would think if you aren’t doing the “hot” peppers. Zin might be fun too

I was thinking Zin as well. I’m not a huge Zin fan but it would seem to be a pretty good pairing. I think the key is finding something that will work with the mild gardinara which does have a pretty strong flavor.


True Dat-

Kind of how I feel about Chili and Mexican as well- coincidentally Cab Franc works well with those and just might be a killer under the radar pairing as well… hmmmm. [bow.gif]