Let's talk Esmonins

Can someone explain the family tree and style of these guys/gals?

Frederic Esmonin

Michel Esmonin

Sylvie Esmonin


You can group them like this.


Michel et Sylvie … Pere et Fille

As of 2001, Sylvie dropped her fathers name from the wine.
Before that she was the winemaker for some time but used her fathers name on the label.
At least since 1990.
(Caveat: there might be some that have Sylvie’s name only before 2001 of which I am unaware)

Now you will only see Sylvie’s name.

Frederic’s father’s name is Andre.

Don’t know the relation of Michel and Andre but I would assume they are probably brothers or cousins.
Claude Kolm?
John Gilman?

They can rescue me here.

As far as styles, Sylvie’s wines seem to have a little more density. More polish in a way too.
I think several vintages of Frederic’s wine shave been quite successful.
More Grand Cru holdings at Domaine Frederic Esmonin I believe.


According to Clive Coates:

  1. Henri
    …2. Andre
    …3. Frederic
    …2. Michel
    …3. Sylvie

Label names were morphed a few times between father/children.


House styles and differences? N’importe qui sait plus?


F. Esmonin 1995 Grand Crus were the very first high-end Burgundies I tried. They were fairly sturdy, as I recall. Not an overtly-oaked style, either. Unfortunately, he suffered a bad car accident, and his 1996s were uneven. No experience since then, though I do have a long bottle of the 1995 HdB Mazis whose elevage he oversaw. I believe this Domaine tends that parcel for the Hospice, or at least did at one time.

F. Esmonin: The style of the producer tends to be one of a lighter/classical burgundy. Some would argue too light because it never really wows you with prominent flavors… One of my favorite ones is the 02 Mazi Chambertin which I think it drinking pretty well right now with a hour or so of air time. I recently opened a 96 chambertin-CBZ and while it was nice, the flavors were a bit subdued and the wine could definitely use some more time.