Leroy Savignys

I am looking at an offer of some Leroy Savigny Narbantons from vintages like 2002 for around $1500. I am very fond of older Savigny particularly Ecard and Pavelot both selling for less than $100, but never had a Leroy.

I have had other Leroys, and enjoyed them. However, how was Lalou able to raise something from a relatively humble appellation to justify the 15 times multiple?

They are tremendous wines. I loaded up on the 2001 and 2002 wines at prices between $75 and $100. Long gone. It was not a value then but you could justify paying $75 for that wine when I was paying $27 to $30 for Ecard (nice wines too!). The best that Savigny has to offer. I don’t think any of the Leroy wines are worth the tarriff now but that is my opinion and largely a function of my own economics.

Can anyone clarify the Leroy Narbanton vineyard ownership? Does she make a Domain and a Negociant wine? Or just one? Or varies by year? Between her web site and Cellar Tracker things aren’t very clear.

I’ve had a couple of vintages of this wine. It is not (not even nearly) worth $1500.

She put her label on it?

the 90 Narbantons was about $20 on release.

Domaine wine. Where the plot exists is anyone’s guess. Maybe William will know.

I think there’s one for the negotiant label too.

Anybody know anything about Leroy Savigny ‘Serpentieres’? Estate or negoce? Any good?

Thanks in advance.

Dan Kravitz

Sorry, for that kind of coin you can get some of the lesser Leroy Vosne 1ers like Les Beaux Monts or Brulees. Probably a better bet.

Is that price for a case? Seems insane for a single bottle.

Pretty sure this is per bottle. Leroy exists in it’s own universe of pricing. Basically DRC prices without the meticulous excellence maintained by HDV. She seems to have a personal mystique about her wines akin to Jayer. Insane $$$

Only pre 1989?

I would buy Pavelot or Chandon des Briailles and pay a reasonable price. Not a fan of Leroy’s wines. More of a Bordeaux lovers Burgundy IMHO.

If Beaux Monts and Brulees are the LESSER 1er Crus … which are the better? [scratch.gif].

That would be négoce! Haven’t tasted it myself.

There is a domaine wine, and also often a bottling for Maison Leroy of purchased wine. Totally distinct!

So she still purchases wine, Savigny Narbantons and puts it under the Maison label? That gets confusing.

The domaine bottlings usually have a red cap (or a red wax) and the label reads:
Mis en bouteille au Domaine
LEROY proprietaire as Vosne-Romanee

while the negociant bottlings have usually white caps and the label reads:

Mise en bouteille par
LEROY Negociants a Auxey-Meursault

In some vintages there is also a negociant Savigny Narbantons bottling, not only a Domaine!

I have only tasted the domaine bottling in about 4 vintages:
while it is questionable weather any Savigny-lB is worth north of 1.000 bucks this is an absolutely stunning Savigny that makes most Cortons look quite modest. However it does not show complexity like a Vosne or Chambolle.

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Would like to put it in a blind tasting with some non-Leroy Vosne and Chambolle wines to test that contention!

To me, perhaps just free-associating when tasting, her Narbantons makes me think of Chambolle Les Baudes FWIW…