Leoville Poyferre 1982 paired with my almost bucket dinner

It is sad to think that of my original stash of five cases of 1982 Bordeaux bought as a future, I am down to two bottles. One more Poyferre and one Mouton. Without a doubt the most rewarding wine purchase, I have ever made, this case of 24 half bottles cost less than $100.

The color is still deep crimson, a thin line of mahogany at the edge. The nose is darkish fruit, a little plum, cloves and licorice. There is an amazing freshness to it, perhaps not as complex as some, but easy going and amiable.

It was paired with a magnificent dry aged steak ,potatoes sautéed in butter, and garlicky spinach. Not number one on my bucket list, as there is no lobster, but a solid #2.

I know I should comment on the Leoville Poyferre, but I am also impressed with that steak. Went to get me one of these tonight, but the line was too long, too long. You pan fry or grill the steak?

Hungry now!

The steak looks great and the wine sounds wonderful.

Buen provecho.

The butcher is a brand new find. The quality is amazing, prices are ok, and the really amazing thing is he delivers.

The '82 Bordeaux wines were almost free on release. First growths for $335, Petrus even at retail was $225, Lynch Bages and other lower classes were $110 a case. Seems crazy these days. I still ahem a fair amount of '82 Bordeaux left, mostly Cheval, Mouton, Laftie, and Margaux and a few lesser growths.

Good stuff, and we’re on the same wavelength. We had Wagyu Ribeye and a half bottle of 1988 Haut Brion tonight.


You ARE the man!!!

NY strip (bone in, shell) PRIME, (all the marbling), potatoes and a veggie!

A beautiful '82 Bordeaux!


This is exactly why my wife and I, RARELY, dine out!

Delighted your enjoying life!

All the very best

Thanks Donn, but I am itching to get out and eat at restaurants. I won’t as I am in the group of vulnerable, so I am doing a lot of cooking, and I suppose the one silver lining is I am getting a lot better by trying new dishes at least twice a week.

Having a lot of the wine to drink is also a benefit, but I am itching to get back into Manhattan for some of my favorites.

Blake the Butcher?


Shhhh! His delivery times already went from 4 days to 7 to 10!
Seriously, anyone in Westchester should consider. Great stuff (inc North Country bacon) , and they are nice people

Agreed, big fan! Marty and Blake are fantastic

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful meal!

My father echoes your poignant memories of Futures of '82 Bordeaux. My birthyear, so he similarly stocked up on cases of all kinds. Time does fly… I’m aging faster than these wines, I think :wink:

Chapeau, Mark.

Came to read about the wine…but the big find is the meat!
Thanks guys!

Just got my first order.
Blake delivered…overdelivered… added free bacon and rib eyes and extra on each order. Amazing customer service.
Look forward to trying the meat.
Seems like a great find.

Yes; we are on our fourth order. The quality is amazing; and we are going through trying everything, and have yet to find anything that is not top quality.

Those pork porterhouse look excellent, my need to try these.

Sous vide the Dry aged shell steal last night and it was quite good.
Thanks for the rec!