Legend Cellars master thread (Osumi arrest/theft)

I would suggest you consider another location rather quickly.

I’ve had frank talks about this issue with Scott, his son, and the owner listed for Legend Cellars. I was ready to move my wine a couple months ago, but feel better about the situation now. I suggest everyone talk to Scott for clarification, he’s there everyday now.

Hmm. I was planning to sign up there when we move to OC soon. I guess I’ll give it a little time to see how things shake out.

Be sure that your wines are physically segregated and securely identified as yours, so that tax authorities
are less likely to deem yours as business assets available for seizure. I would be reticent to deal with
a proprietor who is partially honest, at best.

Already convicted him, have you?

No. Would you be totally comfortable with giving an alleged tax evader your precious property,
or would you consider another storage operator? It is a matter of due diligence and personal
comfort level. Nobody has convicted anybody.

What Jay linked has nothing to do with what the issue was a few months ago. Their whole workaround on how “it’ll be ok” is exactly the issue in Jay’s link. With Insurance Fraud they are going to fine him huge and seize his assets (if convicted), they already have Legends listed as him even though it’s under his son’s ownership.

Like the DA will care what representations an alleged felon made to you.

General question: Who here would knowingly store their collectible wines with a known felon?
Ron Wallace and Barry Silver might soon do a joint venture, if so.

unbelieveable - My contract is coming up so it’s time to move, guilty or not, not something worth wondering about

I paid a $1500 deposit on a walk in locker yesterday. Sounds like its time for a phone call…

By credit card?

Another reason to insure your wine for offsite-storage risk…especially from a carrier totally independent and un-affiliated with the storage operator.

Yup. By amex.


I just spoke with Scott on the phone. I’m staying put for the time being. I expect that more information will be forthcoming in the next couple weeks.

Just got a call from Jen (always extremely helpful and super nice…) at the cellar after seeing my post apparently, and she walked me thru the story line - I asked her to convey to Scott (the owner, I thought Dad George was) to shoot out an email explaining his side of the story, regardless it’s still concerning!!

I would prefer to have my wine safely in another place, rather than a soothing e-mail.
This situation offers the upside of short-selling PowerBall lotto tickets for two cents each.

agree peace of mind has no price… Though if it’s true than sucks to be Scott

Scott’s choices should be his, and his alone.
Would you choose today to move your wines to here, if stored already at a different place?

Perhaps my post was too strong. I did not intend to convict them. That being said. If one can avoid risk…?