Leftovers with old Burgundy

Tonight’s ‘light’ supper was the leftover ends of the rib cap from last night along with the beets leftover from our chicken dinner. Since the '62 Bouchard Chambertin was so good last night, I decided to try another old Burgundy with tonight’s dinner. We had a 1972 G. Vachet Mazys-Chambertin - fill less than a cm below the cork; initial color was light brick with a wide orange edge, darkening in the glass to a rich garnet with no light edge; light, but nice, nose and flavors of spicy red fruit; a slightly hard and acidic mid-palate; with a long, slightly dry fruity finish. It wasn’t nearly as rich as the Bouchard, but then I didn’t expect it to be.

Leftovers??? ohhhhhh man… I missed them.

Then for dessert, while watching the last two days of the TdF (via TiVo), we had small slices of Allyson’s apple pie with a couple scoops of vanilla bean ice cream (from Saturday). Carollee just had water; I had a small snifter of Grand Marnier, very nice with the pie a la mode.