Lees settling in 2014 vintage bottling of burg?

Hi All,
My basic question is what has accumulated on the bottom of my bottles of 2014 Domaine Rollin Père et Fils Pernand-Vergelesses? See picture below. I modified the picture’s exposure to make it more obvious, though it was quite hard to see in person.

According to the domain’s website, this wine is not fined or filtered. I noticed some kind of stringy material accumulating on the bottom of all the bottles of this wine. The bottles have been resting on their sides for probably 2-3 months at most. Since this wine is young, it may not be sediment, but wondering if it might be lees or something else? I don’t have any cause for concern at the moment, just curious. By the time the bottle made its way home, all the material had mixed back into the wine.


In unfiltered wines, deposit is partly lees. Especially in young wines, it is mainly lees. Only when the wines get older, they start to throw off some other stuff out of suspension as deposit as well.

However, that stuff seems somewhat grainy in your picture (as opposed to fine sediment, which is more powdery), so it might be tartrate crystals as well.

And although the stuff might mix back into the wine when disturbed, it usually settles back out after awhile. That’s why it couldn’t hurt letting the wine sit up for a day or so before opening it and then decanting it carefully so as not to disturb the sediment when pouring.

Thanks Otto.