Le Cache - Looking for dealer recos, promos

I’m thinking about adding a Le Cache unit and wanted to see what folks think are the best places to purchase from, and what sort of promos (shipping and discounts) they’ve seen. I built a very functional / practical space with a Breezaire unit that has worked flawlessly for many years but I’d like something more attractive and more accessible upstairs. Folks seem pleased with Le Cache quality, the cabinets look good, and it seems to me like the racking utilizes space better than other brands while still holding oversize Burgundy bottles.

They sell directly and sometimes they list discontinued models on eBay which is how I purchased my 5200.

Yes, I recently purchased one directly from the dealer, who is now located in Texas, though there remains a reference to California (the original location). Overall, it was a satisfactory experience; they won’t bargain on the pricing but they might on the shipping. You want first to see at what price point with what what deals they are being offered (the Wine Enthusiast site carries them, for example), and then speak with the salesperson and see what s/he is willing to do. (My sense is they will try to match, if possible.)

By the way, I like the unit!

I have been extremely happy with my Le Cache cabinet and I’m sure you will be too!

Look for used ones via Commerce Corner or Craigslist, etc. It seems like everybody who has one (myself included) is happy with theirs. I had some issues with mine in the beginning, where it would collect too much moisture, but now it is fixed, although there is some damage to the doors from the buildup

i bought direct and asked them to match another vendors free shipping, they did.

I appreciate all of the good info guys. So far it sounds like a shipping promo is the most likely thing to see. I didn’t want to spend $5k and find out later that one of the dealers runs some sort of seasonal discount :slight_smile:. My current setup is 4x8x8 with floor space and some shelving not racks, great for solid cases but it’s getting harder and harder to get to things.

Josh I just went on their website and it appears they are still located in California.

Try calling them–
You’ll get somebody in Dallas. And when my unit arrived, it said “made in china,” though to what part (or whole) this applied was not clear.

Hi all, to clarify:

Le Cache is based in Cotati, California, where we warehouse all of our products and build all CellarPro cooling units (including the cooling units used in every Le Cache wine cabinet.) We also have an office in Dallas.

Our sales and customer service teams are located both in our Dallas and Cotati offices.

Our wine cabinets (but not our cooling units) are made in China. Once the cabinets arrive in our Cotati warehouse, we inspect and clean each unit, and then we install all of the hardware (locks, light and CellarPro cooling unit) into each unit.

All cabinets and cooling units are shipped from our Cotati warehouse.

I have two for sale in the NY area that I no longer need. Contact me if interested.

From this as yet unresolved tale of woe, please don’t underestimate how difficult delivery of these units can be.


Fascinating read for me as a former Le Cache owner. I remember when mine was being delivered and the three guys who unloaded it had no clue what it was. I just had them get it in place and did the rest myself. I figured I had a far greater interest in seeing it set up properly than they did. I sold it when I moved, and I do miss having the unit. But I certainly don’t miss the thought of going through delivery again.

Well since I posted here (coincidence or related?), Ben Argov has stepped up in the linked thread.

I noticed. It makes me have more confidence purchasing another unit down the road. Now if only it could be delivered by Amazon drones and placed down properly.

Reading that is making me want to take a second look at whether I should just build custom storage space again.

Just having had one delivered myself,
I would reiterate that the delivery is a tricky business. Despite the fact that on the phone they told me that my unit (L3100) took 3 people to deliver, on the bill of lading it was not listed as one of the ones needing three, so they only sent 2. These were good guys, and I worked with them to get it into, and then up, in the space I had in mind. But it took easily 2 hours, and they clearly had neither a clue nor guidance at to what the whole thing entailed. Together we made it work, and as I said above, so far I am really happy with the unit, but other deliverymen and it would still be sitting in my driveway (or back on the truck).


Delivery of these is a pita. I remember 15 years ago when my unit got delivered (Vinotheque 700 QT).
It had some very minor cosmetic damage, from getting it through the front door. For that, I got half the sales price refunded. It’s worked great for 15 years knock on wood.

I was about to buy a Le Cache but the fact that this unit can be heard in every room of a 4,000sf house is a concern. The OP reports she measures 80 decibels, that’s high enough to cause hearing damage on prolonged exposure! Is this normal for Le Cache?

I think that’s an exception. The unit I bought 6 years ago didn’t come with an option for a quiet cooling unit. I had mine on the ground floor of a townhouse and couldn’t hear it at all from the floor above. I could barely hear it once I made it around the corner. I believe she had the unit on a tile floor and perhaps her acoustics weren’t the best for noise dampening.