Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé! (but do you care?)

The latest Kermit Lynch newsletter served to remind me that it is that time of year, when the Nouveau shows up in stores.
Wondering if anyone here has tried a version of this which they would at all recommend? I’ve given it a shot a few times, and have essentially come up empty, with some being best described as cherry bubblegum, while others would not be described so charitably.
So, any Nouveau fans? Recommended bottlings?

I like foillards rendition typically

I rarely see any of it sold and when I see it it is usually DeBoueff with bananas yeast.

I love a good Nouveau -

Domaine Rochette Beaujolais Villages Nouveau is what I purchase most years -

It’s probably pretty simple - if it’s a good producer, they probably put out a good nouveau.
I’ve enjoyed Brun (Terres Dorrees) and Chermette (Vissoux) in past. Never seen Foillard but if I did I’d probably buy a bottle

Nouveau remains relatively fun and the general quality is massively better than 10 years ago - thank god!
2017 was generally excellent, 2018 much more variable due to highly variable yields - I for one am interested to see how the 2019s will be…

I don’t care.

I don’t think its technically a Bojo Nouveau, but I’ve been enjoying Lapierre’s 2018 Raisins Gaulois this summer.

Haven’t had the '18 but this can be an excellent wine. Maybe a bit more serious than Nouveau, or at least can last longer. I bought a bunch of the '12 on closeout for $40/case and can confirm it drank very well until at least four years out from vintage when mine were gone. Remained fresh and fruity. Wouldn’t say it gained complexity, but didn’t lose anything either.

As for Nouveau, I’d likely buy Foillard or Coquelet or a few others if I could find them locally, but all I ever see around here is Dubeouf or Drouhin, maybe Vissoux once.

Just tasted yesterday. I like it quite well, and thought it significantly better than the last vintage I tried, which came across a little to funky/bretty for me.

Terres Dorees makes goid Nouveau, and I actually like the Dupeuble version, too.

It’s too bad you moved across state - we actually became a serious Bojo market right after you left. [wink.gif]

Ha. Well, next time I’m on that side of the state I’ll stop in and see what’s there. Hope all is well with you Jim!

It comes out the Thursday before Thanksgiving - 11/21 this year.

Upon release, Prima in Walnut Creek usually has a tasting of three or four different ones - each year I’ve tasted, I preferred a different one.

I don’t care, but I bought a bottle of the hated Deboeuf on closeout last year (~$4), and found it legitimately enjoyable. Not sure if it has gotten better, 2018 was a particularly good year, or my expectations were sufficiently low, but it was fun to drink in a way few single-digit reds are.