LCBO thread! What are you buying/have bought recently?

Hey all,

I thought it might be good to get a thread going for us under the rule of the KGBO.
The February 2017 online release is in an hour and the next vintages release is on Saturday.

I will post my targets below.

I should start by mentioning that I am way over my purchase targets for the last 12 months, so I am going easy this week.

For the online release I am only looking at one champagne.
I am a bit of a noob and I really have enjoyed the taste of champagne with some age on it, so with any luck this will provide that.

TARLANT CUVÉE LOUIS EXTRA BRUT CHAMPAGNE aC TASTING NOTE: The NV Extra Brut Cuvée Louis is based on 1999, with reserve wines from 1996, 1997 and 1998. Here the style is decidedly on the oxidative side, with plenty of warm, nutty and spice overtones that develop in the glass. Almond, hazelnut, orange jam, cinnamon and white pepper all make an appearance. Rich, broad and creamy on the palate, the Cuvée Louis is an excellent choice for drinking today, as the flavors are already a bit forward. The Cuvée Louis will appeal most to readers who enjoy vinous Champagnes. The 1999 is 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay. Disgorged July 2014. Dosage is 1.8 grams /liter. Drinking window: 2015-2022. Score: 95(Antonio Galloni,, March, 2015) 293811 [XD] 750 ml $96.00

For the Feb 4th 2017 Release, I actually have already picked up some of my targets, as the LCBO on queens quay had some early release wines.

MAXIMIN GRÜNHÄUSER ABTSBERG RIESLING SPÄTLESE 2014 Pradikätswein, Mosel, Germany Aromatic, intense and juicy. Lush and mineral. Worth waiting for. Drink 2030-2060. 95 points (Stephan Reinhardt,, March 3, 2016) 481374 (S) 750 mL $39.95

After seeing the video on youtube about this winery, I knew I wanted a few bottles! Excited to try it. I don’t believe I have ever seen the KGBO recommend such far out drinking dates.

LA CHAPELLE DE LAFAURIE-PEYRAGUEY 2009 AC Sauternes, Bordeaux, France Bright and lively with blanched almond and white peach tones. Open and inviting. 90 points (James Molesworth,, March 31, 2012) Full-bodied & Rich 477588 (S) 375 mL $25.95

Love Sauternes! Good price, plus I have 100+ half bottle slots to fill in my cellar.
Already have bought the above wines, now for what I still need.

CHÂTEAU FONTENIL 2005 AC Fronsac (M. et D. Rolland, Props.) TASTING NOTE: From the home estate of Dany and Michel Rolland, the 2005 Fontenil has an opaque, thick ruby/purple color. Dense plum, black cherry, blackberry and cassis fruit jump from the glass of this full-bodied, terrific Fronsac, which is one of the appellation’s stars of the vintage. Long, rich, young, and capable of lasting another 15-20 years, this is one of the candidates for Wine of the Vintage in Fronsac. This wine actually needs another several years of bottle age. Drink: 2018-2038. Score: 92 (Robert Parker Jr.,, June 28, 2015) Full-bodied & Firm 468322 (XD) 750 mL $60.95

I am very early in my wine loving obsession, and have not had too many of the well spoken 2005 vintage, so looking forward to this one. I have had the 2008 from this producer, and although it was VERY early in my wine life, I remember thinking it was great after a bit of air.

I definitely recommend that Tarlant. I’ve had that blend before.

I should start by mentioning that I am way over my purchase targets for the last 12 months, so I am going easy this week.

No kidding, welcome to the club.

Since I lucked out at the DRC lottery I will need to recharge batteries as well. Some finds at the new “Wines of Italy” designation store in Woodbridge. Large selection of entry level to mid range products. Worth the trip.

Someone want to ship me some Alberta Premium 30 Year? I miss my days of going to the LCBO.

Recently - some ‘house whites’: Pazo de Bruxas Albariño 214, Chiarlo Gavi Le Marne 2015, Latour Grande Ardeche 2014, Marchand-Tawse Bourgogne Blanc 2014. All round $20 except for Tawse, of course, $30
Also the CVNE Imperial Reserva 2005 around $40 iirc.
(All Can $ and Can taxes so divide by 2 or 3 or whatever for US pricing).

While there is the odd bottle here and there I’m doing 90% of my purchasing outside the province. I’ve been fortunate to have several business trips and vacations in Quebec, the States, and Europe in the last few years.

I picked up the La Rioja. I know most of you will be aghast as there is no way it is a $76CAD bottle.

Haha, love the redo on the acronym Dylan. OK, I’ll be happy to play. Thought about the Fontenil 05 but holding off for now. The 09 second of Lafaurie-Peyraguey is probably decent value, but I have enough of the first wine (BTW, a 2009 Climens from half was delicious a couple days ago)

Off the Classics Catalogue, bought 3 bottles of Christian Moreau 2014 Chablis les Clos for C$74. For me, that’s good value now in today’s world of Chablis. I thought about the 2012 Jadot Volnay Clos de la Barre for $100 each, but will wait for now.

Richard, I gave the Marchand-Tawse 14 Bourgogne some thought–have you tried one of yours yet?

Peter–lucky you! What’d you get?


Not sure if I’m able to speak on Robert’s behalf … :wink:
Marchand-Tawse … yes popped one on the weekend. Lean, stylish. Quite tight at the moment but very tasty if you like that style. Opened up a fair bit after a couple of hours. Didn’t make to a “next day test” which probably says something. Would repay a year or three more in bottle. More Chablis than Meursault. Not sure if that’s a function of where it hails from (I don’t know where) or the vintage. I’m a bit loaded up on 2014 Chablis but I have put a few away for fun.
If you want a BB with a Canadian connection that’s a little more ready for drinking now you could try the Bachelder Bourgogne Blanc 2013 which I think is still around.

Oops–corrected blush

That seems like a good enough endorsement to me, Richard. I’ll snag a couple. Thanks!


Peter–lucky you! What’d you get?

13 DRC Echezeaux. Not celebrating until I hold it in my hands.

Enjoy your tour Mike - sounds like great times!

Me too! I’m headed to grab a few as well. I cannot take credit for the KGBO, it is my friend Rick’s joke -I love it too:)

Thats awesome, as I mentioned, still getting my bearings in this world, it is so exciting and fun.

How do you handle US (and other) purchases? I bought a case through an email list from Grapes the wine Co, but orchestrating shipping was a massive pain, and that was with one vendor! I am curious how people in Ontario are handling it… Locker near the border?

I am DYING to make an order and trip to the SAQ

Hey Dylan,

Lots of info on cross-border wine shopping over at the Spectator forum. Do a search for “Lewiston” and you’ll find plenty of useful info. The most common solution is to get a mail box at the UPS store in Lewiston. You can pay on a ‘per shipment’ basis (I think it works out to $10/box of wine), or pay an annual fee for unlimited shipments and 24/7 access.

It’s getting harder to find out-of-state retailers who are willing/able to ship to NY state, though. There are threads about this development both here and on the Spec forum.

Rick is on the Spec forum, although I think he has only posted a handful of times.

Your mention of the KGBO got me wondering about where/when that acronym originated. A search on the Spec forum shows the first mention of it back in 2008. I posed the question over there, but there isn’t a definitive answer yet.

Hi Andrew!

Thanks a million for this, I think this is the direction I will go.

I head to Texas several times a year, but they seem to be on the wine travel ban list as well I am afraid.

Richard, for me your note is almost dead-on for the Marchand-Tawse Bourgogne. Certainly good enough value at its price point, will probably grab one or two more. Thanks again for the heads-up



Fwiw, I believe Wilde Farm is now available through the LCBO. No idea on pricing though. We are new to the province but excited to be there.

Not yet, Loren, but certainly hope it’s true, that would be great news. (It may still be sold through a broker but they all have to pay the LCBO taxes/freight on wines before running them out the door).

In any event, looking forward to tasting some of your wines at FallTacular in a few days.