Launching new company: de Negoce

Dear Berserkers - I am launching a new company and you might be interested in signing up for the email list.

The brand is called de Negoce (loosely translated “of the trade”) and its a bit of a play on en primeur where I am pre-selling bulk wines I find and like.

The pricing is killer and the first wine is a $10 2018 Napa Cab that’ll knock your socks off…also in the works is a $15/bottle 2017 Stagecoach Vineyard Cabernet and an 18 Coombsville Bordeaux Blend for $13. All wines are sold in case quantities only. You can sign up here and, the sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll get the offers



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Congrats and good luck on the new business Cameron. I signed up.

My family just shared a 40 oz “upper prime” Holy Grail porterhouse for dinner tonight, and we all agreed it was the best steak I’ve ever cooked. Reverse sear, perfect medium rare, paired with a 2017 Kata (Realm) Bedkstoffer Bourn Vineyard. Beautiful memory; thanks Cameron.

I signed up for de Negoce. Good luck!

Just signed up. I am excited for the new offers. Will there be a buy and hold option for the wines? It is way too hot for shipping to Florida currently.


Signed up;;;btw, good looking Pooches!

I’m in!!!

Big fan of what you’ve done. I’m in!

I am in.

Signed up!!

I’m in

awesome!!! We are just now in the process of cutting our first round of “Premium Prime”, the USDA’s first attempt at adding a new level above Prime. There has always been an Upper Prime spec but one of the local steak distributors for high-end chefs created a whole new spec and marbling level that’s the USDA signed off on called Premium Prime. Great marbling and super tender. They were just launching it to restaurants when COVID hit and we bought it all up a few weeks ago. Ribeyes and filets coming soon.

thanks for the signups everyone - you won’t be disappointed.

We better not…


I’m not familiar with USDA’s rating. Which one is higher grade? Upper prime or premium prime?

Double secret prime.

Checking emails daily in anticipation!

crazy. Prime used to be the top 1% grade of meat, increased by USDA years ago to 2%. Sounds interesting to break it down to grades within that 2%.

Any update on the release?

Looks like the offer is coming tomorrow.