Lauer GG Screw Cap?

Got my 2019 Lauers in and saw the Kupp came in screw top. The others bottlings are cork. This is the first time I’ve seen GG Lauer under screw. Any reasons for the change? I opened one and the wine drinks great.

Seems like they are offered in two different closures. Here’s a topic a bit earlier discussing it.

Ahh Thank you!

It’s a mix across the range.

Fass 3 and 4 are both screw caps. Stirn and Kern are both cork.

I have opened the 2020 of both the Fass 3 and Fass 4. Not impressed with either.

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Again, Lauer offers the same wine under screwcap and cork. When I buy the GGs I have a choice of closure. I’ve never seen the kabis or spats that I buy under screwcap - that’s the 7, 8, 14, 23, 24 and anything auslese or higher if made. I don’t buy the off dry wines that vom boden brings in so I’m not sure what happens with those.

I think the importation for the 19s was all out of whack due to COVID, hence the mix-and-match of closures.