Last Minute Napa Suggestions

It looks like my girlfriend and I will be able to squeeze in a trip to Napa this week on Friday, and as its our first time in the region were looking at getting some suggestions for some last minute things. We were just in Sonoma Sunday for the barrel tasting event and particularly enjoyed the more intimate locations. The highlight of that day was tasting with the winemaker at Occidental Road and having a chat about the behind the scenes with Richard.

We’ve got our eyes on picking up a bucket of chicken from Addendum, but other than that not much else. Open to any and all suggestions!

Thank you! [cheers.gif]

My two favorites from my last trip were scheduled visits to Ovid and Promontory. Amazing places

We were just at both last week. Charlie at Promontory is an amazing host and the property is gorgeous.

I would recommend a visit to Del Dotto. They seem to get panned here somewhat, but the reserve wines are outstanding, and compared to many in the valley, reasonably priced. It isn’t the quiet staid wine tasting that some expect, quite the opposite. It’s a party with wonderful wines, which to me makes it a can’t miss stop when in the valley.

I would try to get a tasting at Shramsberg. The old caves and the very elegant tasting in the caves is special. If you enjoy champagne.

Try Montelena; it should be relatively easy to get in at the last minute

Also Charter Oak for what is IMO the best brunch up there

Maisonry in Yountville may be able to fit you in last minute.

They have several levels of tasting, and you can enjoy several different producers at the same sitting.

Then walk down to V Wine Cellars for arguably the best selection of Napa Cabernet in one place that I’ve ever seen.

Pick up a bottle, walk down to Bottega, Ciccio’s or Bistro Jeantty for dinner.

BOOM, that’s a great afternoon/evening right there…

Mending Wall is not that well known but was a great tasting experience with great wines.

Perhaps Jarvis because it is so unique.

A reserve tasting at Alpha Omega, of course.

Maisonry, as mentioned.

Thanks y’all for these suggestions! Looking into them all as we speak

Look to see if there are spots available for a library tasting at Corison.

First time there = no matter where you go I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Go to Sonoma again.

Addendum’s website still has “gone into hibernation for winter and will return in spring” posted on the front page. You should confirm if they’re open this Friday.

I saw that, but if I’m reading correctly their buckets of chicken will still be available for pickup… I’ll be sure to check in the morning though!

heh, fair enough! The bar has yet to be set anyhow

Tamber Bey in Calistoga is a fun visit, and a bit different from most Napa wineries. The tasting room and winery were built on the site of an old horse farm, and still has horses and white horse fencing all around the winery. The wines are great (Consulting winemaker is Thomas Rivers Brown), and the staff are laid-back and fun. They have indoor and outdoor tasting areas, so depending on the weather you are covered. I’m not sure if it is still offered, but Calistoga was offering a Winter “Winery Pass”, where you purchase the Pass for $60, and you get free tastings at like 20 area wineries. If you plan on visiting more than a handful, it’s a great deal.

Go to Heitz and then try to get to Corison. Not far apart, try to set up a appointment with Corison as soon as you can. You can just walk into Heitz and its free. Last time I was there they were pouring 98 Marthas, not bad for a free tasting in Napa!

Thank you all again for the suggestions! Just finished the day of tastings and got a bite to eat at Gotts roadside waiting for a reservation at Morimotos later!
Notes to be posted later

We’ll be sure to ask for Z!

Definitely eat at the Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch (in St Helena). Wonderfully fresh food.

I would visit Chateau Montelena and Heitz. Esp. Chateau Montelena.