Last minute Burgundy travel question...

Wondering if its possible, on a last minute trip, to set up 1-2 days of tastings in Burgundy? I have miles to use and have a window to take… this weekend for four full days (Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon). Was thinking perhaps can spend 2 of those nights in Burgundy and do 3-4 tastings. But I have no idea if even one tasting is possible on such short notice. Are there perhaps services that one could call on a Wednesday (i.e. tomorrow) and line up tasting for say Fri/Sat or Sun/Mon? Are weekends even possible? Are weekdays even possible?

Producers I would hope to taste with, would be Hudelot-Neollat, Duroche, Chevillon, Gouges, Faiveley, Thibault Liger, Bruno Clair, Heitz-Lochardet, Fourrier, H. Lignier, Pacalet, Dujac, Arlaud, Sigaut, Arlot. I have definite preferences in this group, but tried to give a broad range.
Also I imagine one would be tasting '18s? Not '17/'16/'15s?


Bill Nanson does that kind of thing,

Bill responded really quickly to my email, thanks. Two issues he flagged, (1) he is well booked and (2) weekend appointments are difficult.

If it was me I would be asking my Burgundy merchants if they could perhaps set up a couple of tastings on my behalf. Some of the producers you mentioned dont really take non trade clients as a rule and you would need an importer or well placed guide to get you in.

I got into Bize and Pacalet with very little notice. A great resource is this: Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France: Bourgogne you can find emails on the posts.

Thanks for advice. Will not make it to Burgundy this weekend, but am emailing with Bill to plan a future trip.

Shan, i used Bourgogne Gold tours for a private group. They are able to do weeks and semi last minute. It’s hard to get a guarantee to the specific domaine. They did get us into some interesting places especially for a holiday weekend on a Saturday. Everywhere we went, it was coravin wine so we did taste 2013, 2015, 2016 and library selections, and that was 2019. I suspect that they will offer different selections 2016/2017 depending on the type of tour level you choose. I also booked a separate a vineyard tour at a larger producer and found that to be pretty good as well since you got to see the vines. (If you plan to eat in the region, you will need those bookings too - depending on time of year.)