Last minute appts in Rioja? (help?)

I am going to be in Madrid next week, but my plans for next weekend just fell through. I know it’s a longshot since it’s so last minute but I’d love to drive to Haro and visit a couple wineries since I have a couple free days. However, so far I am unable to get into anywhere. As of now, Muga, Lopez de Heredia, Marquez de Murrieta all said no, and I have not heard back from Ramerez de Ganuza, CVNE, Contador, La Rioja Alta, Roda.

If anyone has any other suggestions, or knows of places were an appt is not necessary, or has a friend/contact at any of the wineries, I’d truly appreciate any help!

I can easily rent a car and am holding a hotel room in Logrono.

Thank you in advance. Much appreciated.

As far as I can remember, both Bodegas Muga and La Rioja Alta have cool, modern tasting rooms that are open to the public and where you can drop in to taste and shop without needing appointments. But, I don’t think they’ll take you around for winery/vineyard tours.

Bodegas Tondonia (LdH) also has a tasting room. While a winery tour would have been great, I think they also allow walk ins to their tasting room where you can shop at very cheap winery prices.

Have you tried calling these wineries? They may give you considerations if you speak to them directly.

Also, when I planned and went on a last-minute trip to Piedmont, I requested my hotel for assistance on winery visits and they were able to get me appointments with 2 wineries.

Thank you, Ramon.

CVNE and Roda have drop in tasting areas also. Roda also often pours back vintages and flights, and you can even order a little jamon iberico to snack on while you’re at it.