Last Call! 2007 HL Cabernet Sauvignon

Hi all,

I am conflicted as to whether or not to take my allocation of this wine. What are your opinions of this wine as it is expensive for me at $150/bottle. I bought the EII because I have heard good things about this winery but the $45 price tag is very reasonable in my opinion. Let me know.

Thanks for the input,


I’m in the same boat. I’ve seen lots on here rave on these wines, where do these compare to wines like '07 Insignia and Ramey which are in the same price point?

I haven’t bought a lot of CA Cab over the years, but I got on HL list years ago and have just been offered the HL Cab for a few years. I want to have a few $100-$150 bottles of the '07 in the cellar, just trying to decide if this is the wine to do it with?

I’m sure there will be others chime in but it is one I wouldn’t pass up . The HL cabs are awesome. There are several members that have tried the '07 and have spoken highly of it.

Discalimer: I carry the HL wines but don’t have the '07 HL Cab yet. I’m not here to shill them to anyone because most of what I’m getting is spoken for. [bow.gif]

HL is awesome in general and the 07 might be the best thus far. I was able to snag 2 two packs. If you can afford them, buy em.

I think that you should take your 2 bottle allocation. I have been purchasing it for the last 3 years.

I must pass so anyone is welcome to my allocation if they want it.

I’m in for a 2 pack…

I bought my 2-pak and requested 2 more. Its not a blockbuster Harlan-type wine, but much more restrained and nuanced. If you like that style, this is a great wine.

I bought my 2-pack. I haven’t tried the wine before, but the 2007 EII was so good for the price (and for a second wine) that I felt comfortable pulling the trigger even at the relatively high price.

I hate BB’s, and why do I have such a weak mind.

No comment Carrie!

Plus one on what the Urban Sloth said.

I finally pulled the trigger today and was able to get two 2 packs. I also wait listed for 2 more. I am not touching these for at least 5 years.

If anyone wants my 2-pack they are available. Message me and i’ll give you my login and you can order them. Has to be by Friday!!