Last Bottle BDM

I have never bought from last bottle.
Is this worthwhile? Any life left in it?
Never had a BDM, just RDM and only a few.

La Fortuna Brunello di Montalcino 2003

No way I’m buying a 2003 anything. Your opinion of the vintage may differ.

P Hickner

I read it was really hot that year, I don’t keep track of such things.

There’s a LBW thread here:

And to echo Peter’s comment, yea '03 was toasty in yurp to say the least, have had a few Italians from the year and was not happy, this is probably on the downside of whatever drinkability was there to begin with…

I knew that had to be a reason $20 for old BDM.


CT notes were.ok. aged brunello under 20 worth a shot.

I thought the same thing for about one second until I realized that I could buy really nice Chianti for the same price with no risk that it is a shot, pruney, roasted mess.

You had me worried for a bit, but mine are '10s. We were in Italy in '03, but left in July before it go really hot. In June the pool and Elba were very nice.

Opened one of the La Fortuna Brunello di Montalcino 2003 last night and decanted through a screen for about an hour. This a mature, ready to go Brunello with good fruit that offsets the structure tannins and was exactly what I was looking for serving over the holidays. No complaints at all!