Las Vegas

recently spent a week in LV with sole focus on food, here’s the best we had

  1. Joel Robuchon - 16 course tasting menu, went with the least expensive wine pairing but it was all excellent. a once in a lifetime meal. A+
  2. Other Mama - great seafood, we didnt order off the menu, asked the chef to just feed us, he came to the table, spoke with us a bit then we had 6 courses of pure deliciousness
  3. Estehers Kitchen - amazing italian. highly recommended
  4. Black Sheep - get the fried beef. yum. everything good tho, casual restaurant that punches above its weight
  5. Aburiya Raku - good but didnt live up to the hype. we did the tasting menu but not very memorable. they did do a nice sake tasting for us tho.
  6. Brasserie Bardo - meh, bit of a let down. not terrible but not awesome either
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Just to help anyone researching: #3 is Esther’s Kitchen and it’s in the Arts District near downtown. Really good spot. I’ve been there because my daughter owns a craft beer bar around the corner. I’ll do whatever I can to help drive traffic to the emerging scene in that area.

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Thanks for the heads up on Esther’s. Just booked it in May.

Any other updates ? We haven’t been to Vegas in 5 years or so.

Locals like Wally’s

What are you looking for?

My favorite Thai place is in Vegas - Lotus of Siam. up in the northern part of the main casino area on Sahara so get a Uber.

For breakfast, having to work out in Henderson, I would eat at The Kitchen Table. It does not open until 8am though.


to piggyback, yu or mi sushi in the arts district is outstanding as well. reasonable prices and high quality.

We were there in March and had an excellent meal at Nobu. Stayed at the Cosmopolitan, for quick bites Hattie B’s Nashville Hot chicken and EggSlut for breakfast were both terrific

Any recs for vegan-friendly but not strictly vegan restaurants, preferably off-Strip? I have to organize a dinner where one of the participants is vegan but the others are not so I’m trying to strike a balance where both the vegan person and the carnivores in the group have enough choices to keep them happy (i.e., not vegan-themed restaurants).

On strip, sorry-

Nobu in Caesar’s has a vegan tasting menu. Vegan wife loved it.

Din Tai Fun is a dumpling place in the Aria. Excellent dumplings and noodles with several vegan options. Casual with a limited wine list.

Off strip-

Black Sheep mentioned in the first post has vegan options. ChefOwner was on Top Chef a couple years back.


We dined at Restaurant Guy Savoy in Las Vegas a few days ago and had a wonderful experience. Below is a link to a CellarTracker story that I wrote about the evening:

Dinner at Restaurant Guy Savoy

Cheers! [cheers.gif]

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Lamaii is a fantastic stop - off strip in a strip mall. Buddy just posted pics of a 2016 Allemand Reynard and a 2002 Prum Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese they poached off the list. Riesling list was exceptional when I was there last (grabbed a couple of Franz Hirtzberger wines, iirc).

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We were there last week visiting our daughter and had some of the best Mexican food we’ve ever had at Lindo Michoacán. They have three locations around town. Moderate prices, great food, great atmosphere and service.

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Had a great meal here just before the COVID shutdown. Ordered a weird bottle of Swick pet nat out of Oregon. Great list, great food. I have so many friends who go to visit and never get off the strip–such a missed opportunity.

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Trying Black Sheep for the first time, and heading back to Momofuku for the duck over the weekend. And maybe the Raiders wil manage to win a game. I’ll report back.


For wine list and food, which is better these days, Lamaii or Lotus of Siam? And if Lotus of Siam, any difference between the 2 branches?

Lamaii > LoS. Lotus of Siam is better than it was for awhile when Bill was sick and Saipan was not always around the restaurant. It is better now, but I prefer the cooking at Lamaii (except for LoS’ Nam Kai Tod, which isn’t offered at Lamaii) and the Lamaii wine list is far superior. To my knowledge, Sahara hasn’t reopened. Regardless, Saipan has been at Flamingo every time I’ve gone since they opened there in the old Roy’s space. She remains a treasure.

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Great, thank you. Any noticeable differences between the Henderson and the Chinatown restaurant?

I’ve not been to the Henderson restaurant, as I stay on the Strip and Spring Mountain is closer.

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