Las Vegas Restaurant Help

Headed to Vegas next week and need some restaurant and wine help. My 3 questions are the following:

  1. What is the best Italian restaurant in Vegas?

  2. What is the best overall Non-French restaurant?

  3. Which restaurants have the best wine list? Looking for Bordeaux and Cali Cabs and hopefully at “reasonable” prices for Vegas. Looking for bottles in the $100-400 range.

I know about Lotus of Siam and looking for some others to try

Thannks for the help! [cheers.gif]

I like the rib cap served at Strip Steak in Mandalay Bay…
that or just go to LOS. flirtysmile

batali/bastianich’s carne vino was pretty good. veal chop was delicious. lots of good baroli/barbaresci

I liked Delmonico at The Venetian. Carne Vino was just too damn overpriced. ($61 for 16oz strip/$144 ribeye for 2)

did see some bargains on the delmonico list last summer

do you want to stay on the Strip?

I would prefer to but not a must

Some personal recs:

  1. Non-LoS BYO: Pinot Brasserie (Venetian) - $0 corkage with nice French bistro food - I know you wanted Non-French, but the $0 corkage warrants a mention

  2. Best Italian: Il Mulino (Caesars) or Carnevino (Palazzo) would probably get my vote.

  3. Off-the-Strip Option: Lotus of Siam, Marche Bacchus (about a 20-30 minute drive off the Strip depending on traffic)

  4. Great Wine Restaurant: Cut (Palazzo) stands out to me. But I haven’t dined at all of the upscale places.

Pinot Brasserie had a handful of great prices last year. I had posted then that they had 01 Harlan for $500.

loved Cut. They have this caramelized onion bread that is drool worthy. Topped it with some bone marrow and I cried a little.

+1 Ate at Cut in April, sat at the bar - good list (on an iPad no less)…had a terrific Barbaresco by the glass.

yep! Got a bottle of coche dury for under retail

Thanks to Charlie for the heads up on that one. Went there directly from McCarran and popped the last Coche they had - bloody delicious!


Also worth mentioning that a good amount of Truchot shows up on their menu far below the cost you see them for at auction or at retail.


This place was the biggest Over Priced place i have ever been. What joke I have had many great meal at Delmonico. You may also want to check out Mastro’s in City center cool space great food great drinks

For your non choice I love Julian Serrano’s Spanish food in Aria