Large grill/griddle (wolf)

I am looking for a reversible iron grill/griddle that can span two burners on a big wolf range. I have an old one, but have to center it over the range and it can’t span two burners. Does anyone know of a large one?

Two questions:

  1. Does “reversible” mean flat on one side, ridged on the other?

  2. What length (in inches) do you need to span two burners on a “big” Wolf range?

Like this:

Where’s the BACON Mark?

How about this?

That griddle is a Lodge which is a style I think they discontinued, but there is a similar one on their website. It’s a great piece Zach. Mine is about 15 years old and I had to season it myself unlike the ones now that come pre-seasoned. It covers two burners on my Wolf rather nicely.

There was no bacon in that grilled cheese, just tomato and one homegrown Red Savina Habanero which left my wife curled up in a fetal position on the couch for about an hour.


#1 yes

#2 - good point! haha, I’ll have to measure later tonight

i own this one. [thumbs-up.gif]

could live without the Emeril name on it though


Lodge…bulletproof stuff and inexpensive.

ordered! thanks everyone

Bought this for my new Wolf at Christmas, unfortunately slightly small to span 2 burners perfectly.

I have found it hard to regulate temperature for pancakes, but that may be more the lack of patience my kids show and that I have cooked with copper (so precise) for 20 years.


It seems like for my wolf, it will fit over the burners themselves, but not completely over the grate

It does not cover the grate completely but it does cover the burner.
Start slow, I find it is easier to heat up a little than to cool down a little.

Used my lodge griddle last night. Mainly for searing, had some teriyaki shrimp and asparagus. Also works great for fajitas, helps to have a really good hood for venting. Would not use it for pancakes, prefer my large non stick pan.

Just my two cents…

I was given a griddle, 2’x4’ 3/4" thick top, from a friend because he needed to get rid of it. The griddle sat in my garage for a while because i really couldn’t see myself using it more than maybe a couple times a year. I eventually gave it to the local fire department so they could use it for their pancake breakfasts they have. I think my buddy used it maybe twice and i never used it in about 4 years time so it’s not a very practical thing to have taking up valuable real estate. Maybe if you hosted a lot of parties i could see getting one but for the typical party host, a grill is much more functional. I think Cabelas sells smaller griddles that might be more practical than one that’s 2’x4’. Just my opinion on griddles.