Large Cellar Valuation


I’m hoping y’all can help me out with some valuation resources. It seems to me that no matter where I look theres a difference in price by a few hundred to a thousand dollars. I’m familiar enough with the industry to know each auction brings different checkbooks and the prices can fluctuate by popularity of auction house. My client will not be using WineBid because he has a more traditional relationship to auctions, not techy, loves the catalogs. I have just under 5,000 bottles of fine wines cataloged and was tasked with putting together a list of about $400k in value. I have everything in CT and understand their WMJ integration means the auction price includes about 30% to account for the BP and taxes and what not. I just signed up for Wine Auction Prices because its less expensive than Wine Market Journal and doesn’t throttle the number of searches yet it also includes the respective BP.

I’m wondering if theres another option out there for me to get accurate valuations because for each bottle I’m jumping to several websites and taking a rough average of those sources. I appreciate the help in advance.


for lack of better options, seems the industry uses wine market journal as their source and then go from there. seems reasonable enough. but as you note, timing and cellar composition is really they. lots of cherry burgundy and the historical price action isn’t so relevant.

you can also just send everything to the top few houses and they’ll do all the work for you. will help you benchmark and can ultimately negotiate the best deal amongst them.

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Thank you! I appreciate the insight.

While they don’t itemize per bottle you could send a list to Benchmark to see what they’d come up with for you in terms of valuation. It would be a free way to gauge what you could get.