Large bottles of Bordeaux, anyone?

Never got around to posting this…bunch of us went skiing in St. Anton, Austria, and went out to dinner at a restaurant in St. Christophe.

They offer us champagne and a look at their cellar to pick out wine. Holy Crap! Turns out the owner is a Bordeaux freak and has like 5 million Euros worth of the stuff downstairs in several huge rooms. He’ll do stuff like go to a first growth chateau and buy a barrel then ask them to bottle it in various large formats. They have rich folks (like Putin) who come every year and will buy a huge Lafite or somesuch each year. They take chalk and write their name on it, then it sits for years, waiting, as each year they consume the bottles that they bought in the years past.

The pix in no way do it justice.

What a cool experience. Thanks for posting the pix.

There are bottles on the ceiling?

Every square inch is (of two rooms) covered by LARGE bottles suspended by iron hoops. It is really hard to see the scale in these pix.

insane in the membrane

UNREAL!! I want to be like him one day… [worship.gif]


Easier to see piece of the ceiling here…

I hope that part of Austria is geologically stable.

I’d hate to be standing in a room like that when the Alps decided to throw a 6.5 or 7.0 earthquake.