Laphroaig 18 being discontinued.

An article in the WSJ stated that the Laphroaig 18 year single malt is being discontinued.

Time to stock up if this is in your wheelhouse.

This is relatively old news, isn’t it? I remember hearing this early last year (2015), unless I’m mistaken.

Regardless, it is sad, I quite like the 18.

Yeah, this was first announced abut a year ago. The 18 is great, especially for the price (~$80 locally), however it has been gone for a few months now. The 200th anniversary 15 was aimed to “substitute” for a short time.

The single malt demand has greatly exceed the supply recently, and is causing a shortage of aged whiskys to keep up the availability of the lesser bottlings. I heard that the 18 is planned to return in 3-4 years since production has increased.

I think both the 10-year and the quarter-cask are significantly better drinks than the 18; at least in my experience, drinking all of them neat.

My personal fav is the Tripple Wood, but thought the story of the 18 was interesting.