Landmark Vineyards Sold to Fiji Water


I guess I grossly underestimated the size of Fiji water, and the scope of their annual revenue. Who knew, some decades ago, that companies who sell bottled freakin’ water would be corporate giants?

The all-time greatest town council meeting I ever attended was in Mammoth Lakes, ~ 2004, where they detailed the Mono Co water district’s decade-long, focused history of not getting into the bottled water marketplace. Defined fail.

It was purchased by who owns fiji.
They are a huge ag company in california. POM, Cuties, teleflorist and most all of the pistachios
in california are processed by them.

My wife swears by Fiji water. I think it’s just expensive. I can’t tell the difference between different brands of water. Isn’t water by definition…flavorless? I remember growing up playing basketball, football or baseball in the summer and when we got thirsty, we drank out of the hose. I miss the days when water was free.

Fiji water is my favorite bottled water, bar none. I expect Landmark’s scores to go up 2 points across the board since they will now get to water back with the best water out there.

Didn’t they also buy Justin a year or so ago?

Yes, they did buy Justin too a while back.

You can also make the same case for what everyone here drinks. Isn’t it only grape juice? [stirthepothal.gif]

There is definitely a difference in both flavor and especially in mouthfeel. Fiji is chemically more alkaline and has a sweeter flavor and slippery glossy mouthfeel. If you are skilled enough to detect differences in the tastes of different bottles of the same type of wine-- and you likely are if you are a board member here – I guarantee that if you put certain bottled waters next to each other including Fiji in a taste test you will start to feel and taste the differences. I was a long time skeptic too, thinking all water was the same until another foodie challenged me on it and I decided I had to test it out for myself and they were right.