It’s a sunny summer day and I’m thinking of something red, chilled, and a bit bubbly…

What are your favorite Lambrusco producers and/or wines? I’m generally asking about rosso, frizzante Lambrusco wines (not rosato), and I have preference for secco/dry, maybe amabile (off-dry/somewhat sweet) and not so much dolce, but if you’re fond of any Lambrusco in particular, feel free to opine. I haven’t had much Lambrusco, and can’t remember what I have had.

In another Berserker thread I’ve seen Lini noted as a favored producer, and in this article, Gavioli and Chiarli were mentioned.

What say you?

P.S. For those in the Seattle area, local wine merchant McCarthy & Schiering is having a free Lambrusco tasting tomorrow (6/24) at both shops where I expect they’ll have a few options. If I am able to go, I’ll post back here with my favorite(s).

If only Bobby John was still hanging around.

Lambrusco is so underrated which makes for some great deals. Here’s a couple of dry ones that my spouse and I enjoy … EnoViti: Search results for lambrusco .

I probably only open 2-4 bottles of Lambrusco a year, but with charcuterie by the riverside it’s pretty satisfying. I’ve probably mostly had Saetti and Chiarlo, and enjoyed both. Cantina di Sorbara (which I assume is co-op) is cheaper and quite palatable, but at those prices why not

My favorite is the Bini Lambrusco dell’Emilia “Fuso 21.” It pairs a beautifully bitter snap with the joyous froth. (NB: there’s also a "Ponente 270” bottling that’s more polished. I like it, but not as much as the Fuso 21.)

Here’s a quick followup from my Lambrusco tasting a couple weeks ago, with brief notes from what I recall:

Lini 910 Lambrusco Bianco Emilia: Bright acid, citrus, and bubbles. On a hot day, this might be my top choice. I had very low expectations for a white Lambrusco, and those expectations were pleasantly disrupted.

Lini 910 Lambrusco Rosé Emilia: Also better than expected, as I am not a big rosé drinker, drinking it only about once a year. For me, this was more fun than some rosé wines I’ve had.

Paltrinieri Lambrusco di Sorbara ‘Leclisse’: Perhaps the most savory and least fruity of the bunch, this was actually lighter in color than the Lini rosé, though not labeled a rosé/rosato. It wouldn’t have been my favorite for sipping, but among the wines it was my favorite pairing with some charcuterie. High acidity, cranberry bitterness, a bit of fresh strawberry, and a good dose of salinity.

Lini 910 Lambrusco Rosso Emilia: Good, but I came in expecting this would be my top choice, given that I’d seen some good comments here on the boards about Lini as a producer. I know Lambrusco isn’t a particularly complex wine, but this was a bit more simple than I expected. Another case of how the interplay of expectations and taste can influence one’s ultimate enjoyment and conclusion. I’d love to give this another try some day.

2015 Luciano Saetti ‘Vigneto Saetti’ Rosso Viola: Organic, with no sulphur added. It had some barnyard funk on the nose, but very little on the palate. For a broader party, this wouldn’t be my first choice as I think the funk would turn some off, but for me, this was my favorite wine of the day by a small margin. It was simply the most interesting. This is the bottle I ended up purchasing.

Cleto Chiarli’s Enrico Cialdini is a bargain at about $15. It’s fairly dry, with a classic Lambrusco dark fruit profile. Red bubblies are underappreciated, in my opinion. There are many Italian versions that are essentially undiscovered over here - Barbera Frizzante, Gragnano della Penisola Sorrentina (aka Pizza-Cola), etc. I think there was a thread about this a few years ago.

+1 to Cleto Chiarli, I also am fond of ca’ de medici and their dry Lambrusco (not the dolce). Both great <20$ values and as others have said, superb pairing with local salume

I was in Aspen last year and ordered a charcuterie board and a bottle of Lambrusco. The Dbag waiter said, "wow, we don’t sell much of that.

I would ask Roberto for a mixed case of his favorites, his selection of the fizzy wines is quite excellent. When I get back to San Diego, this is exactly what I will do.

I don’t drink that much Lambrusco and so am far from being an expert. But about a year ago I had a 2015 Medici Ermete Lambrusco Reggiano Concerto that I thought was quite nice.

Have had many fun bottles of Lambrusco at Osteria Morini. They range from light bodied to full body from many producers and all were delicious with the different pastas. It’s a table wine, not a serious wine so I’ll stick my neck out and say producer is not so important here and any bottle you pick will be fun and satisfying with your meal.

Super off-topic here, but how is Osteria Morini? Headed there for dinner next week.

Jason, there are 10 or so terrific pastas to choose from but don’t expect giant portions, a nice charcuterie board and the entees I’ve had have been solid. Their seafood salad is a favorite. 3 different Lambruscos by the glass and there are at least 25 different bottles of Lambrusco on the list.

That is a good one. I was just in Parma a few months ago and ate cheese and charcuterie and drank Lambrusco for 3 days. :wink:

Another fantastic one to try is actually a rosato style Lambrusco from Cleto Chiarli Sorbara Del Fontadore. Killer stuff.

Venturini Baldini also good / good value if you see it.