Lamb Shanks

The weather is right so I bought some lamb shanks and cooked 'em.

I found a braise that called for a slow cooker – then realized that the shanks wouldn’t fit into my old crock pot.

Did them in the oven instead. This is a very “wet” recipe, I think next time I might try one of the versions where you just wrap the shanks in FOIL with flavoring ingredients. Jamie Oliver has a recipe.

We had great wines – 1999 Allegrini Amarone with the shanks. A good port before with stilton and toast.

Love lamb shanks. We are having lamb steaks tonight so I checked out methods from Jamie Oliver since we will not be grilling on this cool and rainy fall day!

Hope your next shank adventure comes out better. Stay warm!

Hi Nancy

Actually I have mixed feelings about the sauce. It was delicious, and after we had our first meal from the 4 shanks I cooked, I took everything out and reduced the sauce a little and thickened it with a roux, so now it is more like gravy. And now it is super delicious. But there is something to say for just the rich sticky tender meat. Mmmmmm.

If you do the tin foil thing please report back, I want to hear about it. Maybe next weekend!?!?

Love me some braised lamb shanks. I had a hankering for them this weekend, but then that changed to chile verde.

I came across this recipe (from the chef owners of “Animal”) a while back and bookmarked the link: Braised Lamb Shanks in Pinot Noir – Leite's Culinaria

This is very much like the recipe I used, but I love the addition of fennel…


Saw some lamb shanks in the store yesterday so I had to pull out one of my favorite recipe’s. Drank with 2006 Dehlinger Claret.

I went with couscous instead of risotto. Freakin’ delicious!

I made a bucket (of 6) last night for the weekend. The truth is that lamb shanks, like chicken breasts…are a blank slate that will aborb almost anything that makes sense…and little doesn’t make sense. (Mine uses lots of anchovies and green olives, red (and white wine) and stock and onions, garlic and celery mirepoix, but…)

Mmmmm…and I set out to make pork osso bucco this weekend,but the butcher didn’t have enough of the pork shanks.