Lake Tahoe

We have a July trip for 3-5 days to the Tahoe areas. I’m struggling to find anything exciting for lodging? Does anybody have any recommendations for lodging and any must do/see or dining opinions? The event we are attending is in South Lake Tahoe, but I’m willing to drive a bit for a cool spot. TIA

I like Harrah’s. It is right on the lake and there is also a golf course, which would be wonderful in July. For food, I’ve always ventured to Carson City and Genoa, a cute little high end town, which also has some great golf. Carson is the state capitol, so there are some decent restaurants. Names escape me. I’m sure there are some closer restaurants, but I have not been to them.

South Lake is definitely behind on the lodging side.

My personal favorite is the Ritz Carlton at Northstar but that is a pretty decent drive from South Lake.

Robert, approx nightly budget limit? Do you have to be in South Lake most of the time, or just be there for a wedding one afternoon? July will be pretty busy all around the Lake. Ritz is a fantastic property, we go there once or twice a year (after visiting our daughter in Reno, and only during their couple week long “off season”, when rates drop to $200). But if you don’t get to the area very often, you’ll probably want to stay on the lake somewhere and take in the beautiful scenery.

Must do. Rubicon Trail hike.


Re Harrah’s, all of the rooms have two nice bathrooms. Get an upper floor on the south side (Stateline side) with windows that open, for that nice, cool mountain air. Make sure you close the drapes during the day, though, or you’ll be a roasting’ when you return to the room.

As far as dining, Naked Fish (½ miles walk from Harrah’s) for sushi, and at Harrah’s, Friday’s Station steakhouse on the 16th floor, and across the street at Harvey’s, 19 Kitchen on the nineteenth floor. Mediocre wine lists, so BYO. And nice pizza and beer at Base Camp Pizza near the Heavenly Gondola.

Thanks for the recs so far all.

Alan I’d probably like to be around $300 or so a night, but that’s not a must, I’d just feel better. I’m easy to talk into a better room with a view and Yes I’d love be to be on the lake or with a view of it. I haven’t been there in 20 years so it’s basically all new to me. We are meeting a group a friends there for a show 2 nights at the Harrahs venue, but are staying four nights total so will have some time to look around. The rooms at Harrahs are like $500 which I thought was just gouging for the concert probably?

Yeah, that would be gouge worthy for them. Dec. 2016 at Christmas, the comp rate was about $160.

Just doing a couple of random searches in July, it’s expensive! Popular time to be there, could be other things going on, like car/boat shows, etc. Might also consider AirBnB, if you’re comfortable with that.

Airbnb for that time of the year is a better choice

I am looking at staying a few days in early July. North or South? Any recent recs for hotels? I prefer smaller and not crowded. Thanks.

So we have a fair bit of experience in Tahoe as we live in the Sierra foothills, about 90-minutes from South Lake Tahoe and have a cabin at neighboring Fallen Leaf Lake (which has a South Lake Tahoe mailing address).

Remember that July is peak season for Tahoe and early July is when the American Century Championship Celebrity golf Pro-Am event is going on (just looked it up and the tournament dates are July 6-11) at Edgewood. That said, rates are high and the crowds will be in full force while you’re there.

If targeting staying in South Lake, I highly recommend staying at the Edgewood Tahoe Resort, though the rates will be above your desired/preferred budgetary numbers. That said, the resort itself is stunning, situated right along the lake shore and adjoining the eponymous golf course where the Pro-Am will be played. They have a pool right along the shore and the property/views bring all of Tahoe’s visual appeal right to you. Again, the rates are above your stated target window, but as you’ve already seen, even Harrah’s rates are high as they are a good spot in the heart of South Lake and have the concert venue draw. Peak season resort destinations charging peak season rates.

If looking at the North side of the lake, which is generally less crowded and less built up, the Ritz is fantastic and has ready access via gondola rides to neighboring Northstar Village which has live music, shops and dining options at night. The Northstar Village Resort might be a good lesser-priced option too, but I’ve never stayed there so cannot vouch for it other than it being in a good location.

Dining options will depend entirely on where you end up staying, but both the Ritz and Edgewood Resorts have great options on-property and there are loads of options in South Lake proper. Tahoe businesses have been hit super hard with the Pandemic and our consistent drought years hurting the snow tourism businesses. That said, it’s hard to be too opinionated on where to go not knowing who’s made it and survived…yelp will definitely be your friend. I do highly recommend Fifty Fifty Brewery in Truckee on the North Side of the lake for both their beers and food. Similarly, South Lake Brewing Company has great beers available in their tasting room just near “The Y” in South Lake. I used to have a great “hole in the wall” steakhouse recommendation in South Lake with a winning wine list of sneaky good selections from a private cellar (Lew Marnel’s), but it looks they’re out of business.

Boating, hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, golfing, biking etc are all available options to keep yourself busy and the setting for doing so is truly incomparable. I do recommend getting over to Emerald Bay and checking out the views there and possibly getting into a tour of the Vikingsholm house. I’ve never personally done the tour before, but have heard great things and the architecture/history of Vikingsholm is fascinating.

Hope this helps and enjoy the trip…Tahoe is lovely in July and you’ll have a great time I’m sure.

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