Lake Placid, NY

Going there next week and need restaurant recommendations for Monday and Tuesday nights. Any suggestions

We haven’t been there in a couple of years and when we were there it was usually for youth hockey so not a lot of fine dining but we always enjoyed Smoke Signals on the main drag for BBQ & bourbon.

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I don’t know what they call it but the formal restaurant at the Lake Placid Lodge is excellent. Great wine cellar too.

I think the fancy one is “Artisans”??

I also think you have to be a guest to eat there.

If it is nice out the Mirror Lake Inn has two restaurants, one casual and one fancier (one is the Cottage?) and I remember the view on the lake being really nice.

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I was going to suggest Mirror Lake Inn also. More than great food–it’s more like what you would have to eat if you stayed at one of the Great Camps 100+ years ago.

Also, I probably like Sananac Lake more than Lake Placid? Also, it’s pretty easy to catch the Essex Ferry over to Burlington.

Saranac is very nice.

I haven’t been up that way much recently other than to ski Whiteface. Me and some buddies used to paddle around a lot of the lakes up there. Tupper/Little Tupper and the like. Fly in or paddle into Lows Lake. Paddle, fish, drink. Drink. Drink some more. Then eat and drink. Beautiful country.

Following up here. Was in lake placid for a conference and we ended up going to Smoke Signals. Enjoyable bbq and had a nice bottle of 2008 Quilceda creek cab @ $90 on the wine list.

Other oddity, sitting at the bar before dinner saw they had a McIntosh turntable up on the shelf as a decoration. First thought is was an amp then noticed from the side the weighted arm

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Best food and wine - The View | Lake Placid’s High-End Restaurant | Mirror Lake Inn Resort

A bit more casual, try to sit outside on the deck at a table with fire in the middle -

Also if you have time, it’s worth a drive up here:

I’ll be going in a few weeks and hoping to hit all of the above.

Thanks for the tip on the place. Didn’t take reservations so I stopped in when it opened for drinks. Small list but some great deals. Got a 2006 Bond Matriarch for 150. They have 09 Quintess for same price. Plus a bunch of Napa Valley Reserves for 200-250. They also serve Pappy by the ounce 13 and 15 yr old for 60 and 23 for 100.

I dined at the View at Mirror Lake Inn. Excellent food ) Solid but overpriced wine list. Corkage was $35
Planned dinners at Interlochen and the restaurant at Whiteface.

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