Lagier Meredith Verticals are back!

Lagier Meredith

Yes, another BerserkerDay favorite - our friends at Lagier Meredith! I’ve got mine from last BerserkerDay, and know a ton of others do as well. Here’s a 2012 version:

3 bottle vertical of Lagier Meredith Syrah (2007, 2008, 2009) plus 1 bottle of 2009 Lagier Meredith Mondeuse (aka Syrah’s Crazy Uncle). $125 (regular price is $186, so this is a 33% discount)

in! flirtysmile

…hmmm how to order? webpage show nill for BDIII special? or should we just buy the 4 bottles and its handled on the backend?

I haven’t activated it yet. Gimme a minute


In, but not sure how to access the deal. Do we just add the four bottles to the cart on the site?


OK, it’s there now.

Thanks Carole! Loved this vertical last year which got us to stock up when we meet you last year :slight_smile:

Hi, Is there a discount on shipping if I add a few more bottles for shipping - like 6 bottles?

Picked a pack up, very interested in trying this.

Is there going to be a separate Chester’s Anvil offering? If so, can they be combined with LM for shipping?


IN, and ditto!!

In on this! [thankyou.gif]

And first trigger pulled. Thanks for a great offer!

Yes - patience, my Berserkers!


Very good, my Lord.


In for the 4-pack! Thanks Carole!

In on this one, and teeing up the credit card for Chester’s Anvil.

Had to, very excited to try this (and assume I’ll probably go in on Chester’s Anvil too).