Lagier Meredith - "Two things old, two things new"

Lagier Meredith is ever-present at BerserkerDay events, and NOBODY has been disappointed with the wines, as they are absolutely revered. Carole and Steve are a kickass, no-nonsense couple, and run a beautiful business, and always take care of Wine Berserkers. If you don’t order this, I may ban you. Just sayin’.

Their syrahs are meant to age, so getting a vertical with some aged L-M syrah in it is simply awesome. My L-M Syrahs are sitting in the cellar…you all get the advantage of buying them ready to drink!

Lagier Meredith:

Two things old and two things new. We have always set aside a few cases of every wine we make for our library. But for the 2002 Syrah, we did it twice! We just discovered this a couple of weeks ago. So we have twice as much 2002 Syrah as we thought we did. And we did the same thing with the 2005! (This is what happens when you do an actual physical inventory. You find all your record-keeping mistakes.)

You can be the beneficiary of our poor cellar management. We’re offering you 1 bottle each of the 2002 and 2005 Syrah and 1 bottle each of the current release 2010 Syrah and 2010 Precious Bane (our Port-style dessert wine). (The 2002 and the 2005 are both drinking very well right now. Just ask CellarTracker.) Regular retail price for these 4 wines would be $214, so the BerserkerDay price of $150 represents a 30% discount.

Shipping is not included, but to give you an idea of shipping cost, ground shipping will be $23 to the Midwest or the East Coast and $17 to the West Coast.

1 x 2002 Syrah
1 x 2005 Syrah
1 x 2010 Syrah
1 x Precious Bane

Lagier Meredith BerserkerPak:

ordered! Amazing deal! Can’t wait to drink that 05

Thanks Carole and Steve. This is a great offer!

Order in. Thanks!

Yep, breaking the seal.

In on this one.

Nice offer. Can’t let this one slip bye.

Can’t pass this up. Got mine

Sweet, I just popped my Berserkerday AND Lagier-Meredith cherries in one fell swoop!

I got mine!

Be gentle with him, Carole. [wink.gif]

Crikey, just check out this Rhone Report review on the 2010 Syrah. It’s rare to see Jeb tossing around 96 points!

By Jeb Dunnuck
Issue #14, 12/18/2012, 96 points
(2010 Lagier Meredith Syrah) A gorgeous Syrah that would pass undetected in a lineup of top northern Rhônes, the 2010 Lagier Meredith Syrah comes all from Mt. Veeder and spent 22 months in neutral French oak prior to bottling. Gorgeously perfumed and intense, with vibrant black and red raspberry-styled fruit, violets, spring flowers, mineral, and hints of pepper on the nose, it is full-bodied, perfectly balanced, and seamless on the palate. In need of 3-4 years of bottle age, this concentrated, rich, and textured Syrah stays beautifully fresh, clean, and poised, with an understated elegance that blossoms with air. It will have upwards of 10-15 years of total longevity and is one of my favorite vintages of this wine to date.

Just ordered from somewhere over Colorado. Thank you gogo flight wifi!

By the way, I lied. I did actually have a taste of the 2001 Lagier Meredith, served blind, back in 2004. I liked it a lot, yet somehow it fell off my radar for 9 years.

Do you have some sort of tracking system to remind you of notes from 9 years ago? [worship.gif]

Hi Eric!

Great to have you along for the ride!


My first L-Ms, although I’ve Chester’s Anvil. Thanks, Carole


Thank you for this offer. Couldn’t resist adding your '02, '05 and '10 Syrahs to our existing Lagier Meredith inventory. We still have a couple bottles of your '06. '07 and '08 Syrahs that were first introduced to us at Berserker Day II.
Should make for a fine vertical tasting.

No-brainer. Three excellent vintages (I recently drank an 02, and it was fabulous, though still young). L-M syrah is in the top tier of California Syrahs, and to get a chance at some bottles ready to drink is a great offer. BTW, Jeb’s review of the 2010 model is right on the money, one of their best ever.

Cutting way back on Berzerker Day this year due to limited funds and space, but I’m making room for a couple of these.