Ladd Cellars - made by the tallest Pinot maker on the forum

If you’ve been to a Berserkers event in California, you’ve probably run into Eric Lundblad. Perhaps not literally run into him, but… I’ve been a fan of his Pinot since Falltacular probably 2-3 years ago - it’s very much in a lean, acidic style, and benefits from time in the bottle. I’ve got a 6-pack sitting in my cellar right now! Lots of talk about John Cabot’s first successful attempt at making Pinot Noir - a lot of credit for that goes to Eric, who I understand guided him along! BTW, FREE SHIPPING to WB Donors! (it was Eric who came up with the concept of free shipping to Donors, so thank you, Eric!)

Ladd Cellars

3 pack:
09 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
09 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir
09 Cuvee Abigail, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
$70/pack + shipping
west coast shipping: $5
rest of US: $10

6 pack:
3 pack +
09 Sonoma coast Pinot Noir
09 Moore Ranch Pinot Noir (adjacent to Sepastopol)
09 Cuvee Abigail, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
$140/pack + shipping
west coast shipping: $10
rest of US: $15

Shipping is free for WB Donors!
Pick up in the Bay Area is free.
Delivery to most bay area and wine country wine storage facilities is also free.
West Coast = Ca, Or, Wa, Nv, Az

The following links have tasting notes on the wines, just search for Ladd in your browser:
west coast shipping: $10
rest of US: $15

These are all pre-release and are a 30% discount of what the release prices will be. Shipping is 50% of my costs.

To order, PM Eric Lundblad with your name, email address, shipping address and what you’d like to order. Eric will send you email on what to do next.

Important: Please use a business address for shipping if at all possible! The shipping charges are half of my costs…and I get charged at extra $10 for residential addresses. So business addresses help out a lot!

Got the 6 pack. Can’t wait to try these. Love berserkerday and finding new wineries.

In for the 6 pack as well.

Me too.

Thanks Todd! My wines are made in a balanced style…but a short decant and they’re ready to go. The 09 Moore Ranch is the most backward (and interesting, to me at the moment), but I opened a bottle last week and was surprised at how well it was showing…I wasn’t expecting it to be ready for the public yet. The 09 RRV otoh is (at the moment) pop-n-pour ready.

Great offer, thanks Eric! PM sent…

PM also sent.


PM also sent


Woohoo, we’re having a great offline here in SF. Casey Benjamin here enjoying some fine wine thanks to some fine berserkers. Eric was kind enough to bring 2 Ladd PNs for the group, my preference was for the 09 Sonoma Coast Cuvee Abigail, which was wonderfully deep and complex but offers the Sonoma coast acidity I love. The Russian River was also tasty but features more ripe fruit and cola that my wife is going to love. I haven’t been following berserker day as my wife has me cut off but I bet I can sneak in a buy on this since she will dig the Ladd Russian River.

I’m in for a three-pack. Ladd pinots are right up my alley.

I sent Eric Lundblad a PM on Berserker Day about a six-pack, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Has anyone else received order confirmation, or been prompted for address/CC info? (My apologies if this is just from a huge backlog of orders)

Yes, I sent him a PM on Sunday and he got back to me that he was going to start reaching out to gather information to process orders later this week. My visa needed this brief delay in the beating it took from Sunday.

Chadly’s right…sorry for the delay but had some family issues come up that delayed me. Will be sending out email in the next day or two.

Also, I have a few more 6 packs, PM me with the info requested above by end of Wednesday if you’re interested.

Thanks for sneaking me in Eric [cheers.gif]

Looking forward to trying your wines Eric. Cheers.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try some of your Pinots.

Anyone get any shipments yet? Check has not been cashed??

No worries about the wine more worried about the winemaker [cheers.gif]

I just talked to Eric yesterday - he’s alive and well! Probably just finishing up things before headed to Socal for Falltacular!

Just tasted the Abigail this weekend with Eric, excellent wine.