LA rookies -- May 2017

wondering if anyone is up for a last-minute offline/get-together.

Location-wise, thinking of downtown/central LA (e.g., los feliz, etc.).

Date/time: next Saturday, May 20th?

Hoping to get this rolling… if too last-minute, we could try for next month (June) as well

based on some feedback, let’s plan on the following for now:

Location: Colori Kitchen, dtla. no corkage, Italian fare

Date/time: Saturday May 20, early evening-ish

Theme: open. maybe wines you’ve learned about through wine berserkers?

rsvp by Thurs 5/18 at 5pm so we can call for a reservation.

if anyone has any strong feelings/opinions, let us know

Great idea Fred! I’ll have to miss this one as Anna and I have plans for Saturday evening.

Enjoy the vino!

Wish that I could make this one but I will be out of town that day. Have a good time.

Hey Fred,

Thanks for spearheading this- Ned and I will see you there

How was it?

it was a small but fun gathering, we ended up doing a potluck instead. WOTN for me was the Cruse sparkling Valdiguie that Grace brought, also enjoyed Elliot’s Smith Madrone 2012 cab. Hope we can get something going in June/July!