La Rata

Multiple pages of Cayuse, and no one’s talking about La Rata?

Anyone tried it?

Assistant winemaker at Cayuse, grenache/cab blend from Cayuse vineyards. Offered only through Full Pull. Interesting model for a new wine, and certainly a coup for Paul (who, disclaimer, is a friend).

I asked for one bottle mostly out of loyalty to Paul, but curious if the Cayuse fans are jumping on board.


As its a Full a Pull exclusive, I’m guessing many on here may not even know of La Rata’s existence. Don’t recall ever seeing much FP chatter here, unlike on the CT boards.

I thought about the offer for a minute, but the idea of a Cab/Grenache blend just does not interest me, especially at $70. I’m sure it will be a good wine based on the Cayuse source material. If it were around $50 I may have bought a bottle.

Will be interested to see people’s thoughts on the wine.

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I ordered late this afternoon when the email dropped - I am a sucker for Cayuse/Horsepower/No Girls and 2012 was a stellar vintage. I plan on opening one shortly after whatever Thursday I pick it up on, so I’ll report back.

I was in for two, because I know that after the first I’m going to ask, “What the hell did I just drink?”

I was tempted, but just filled a case after 9 months and do not want to start another one. The price is out side my comfort zone and I would rather buy a couple of good Pinot. FP was my go to source for WA reds of which I do not need more at this time. My Cayuse envy has run it’s course, hopefully not to be replaced by Pinot envy. [snort.gif]

It isn’t futures model and it is a strong vintage. Figure it was worth a try. Will be interesting to see if it sells through right away.

FWIW, they aren’t requiring filled cases with this particular wine… strawman strawman

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I asked for a couple as I was intrigued after noting the 13.4% abv and reading descriptors like “graceful.” This morning’s email suggests that the interest was huge.

Wait they sent out another email this morning??

I ordered one, just to see what all the fuss is about.

Here’s the excerpt from today’s e-mail:

"La Rata UPDATE: As legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy once said: “Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast.” The response to Wednesday’s La Rata offer has been overwhelming. We’re still collecting orders (and will through midnight Tuesday), and from the way things are going, it looks like allocations will max out at 2 bottles per person. (Reminder: we’ll send allocation notices on Wednesday Sept 30).

I’m sure that will be frustrating to folks who were hoping for more like 3 or 6 or 12 bottles. The good news is: La Rata is very much not a one-off. The 2013 vintage is in bottle, the 2014 is in barrel, and Elizabeth let me know that the Grenache and Cabernet for the 2015 La Rata were picked yesterday. This is only the beginning."


I feel like I get the emails late haha just got it

Allocation notices went out. Looks like I only got two of the four I requested, though happy to have them. I was planning to open one straight away as it has me very curious, but with only two allocated, I’ll hold off and let them get some age first.

Same here, ordered 4 and got 2 which is fine. Better than the first come, first served, max out then flip allocation model, as long as the open window is small to reward early buyers.


Cool! I like the label.

I’m cracking one very soon for research purposes.

Looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are on this. I’m amazed by how under the radar this has stayed, I receive Cayuse and No Girls and had no idea that Elizabeth had this coming out… Not that I really need to buy more at this price point [head-bang.gif]

I was a buyer for two. I’m hoping that someone takes the leap and cracks one soon. I’d guess they’ll benefit from some cellaring, but we can learn a lot from one of you willing souls!

I opened one christmas eve. The nose is pure rocks and gorgeous, however we found the palate to be lacking depth- just came across a bit short and thin (and/or closed). Hopefully will add a bit of weight, recommend holding a bit assuming that is possible.

Next wine we had was a 2004 Armada which is still but a wee child in development, IMO, but a wonderful wine if a bit on the bigger fruit driven side.

Sean Sullivan, a guy I used to read when he only did reviews on his blog, Washington Wine Report, was hired by Wine Enthusiast a year or so ago. I tend to agree with his reviews and palate, and he recently posted his review of La Rata:

La Rata 2012 Red Blend Walla Walla Valley 94 points
“This is the inaugural release from Elizabeth Bourcier, assistant vigneronne at Cayuse Vineyards. A unique blend of Grenache (60%) and Cabernet Sauvignon, it clearly comes from The Rocks, with the aromas of black olive, peat, fire pit, raspberry and herbs popping. The smoked meat and savory flavors show elegance, depth, detail and restraint, with a finish that sails. It’s a subtle, sublime wine that makes a statement. Editor’s Choice”

Nice review from, again, a guy whose palate I like. Still holding onto my two, however!