La Pyramide in Vienne France - September 2023

Outstanding Dan. Sounds fantastic! How was the wine list?

Unfortunately, I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t see your photos. But, it sounds like Henriroux (chef) is really trying to make his move to honor/follow in the footsteps of Fernand Point - I see Michelin has now upgraded the restaurant to 2 stars. (I also did not know, but Wikipedia tells me, that Point trained Paul Bocuse there - who knew?!).

I’m glad it went so well!

I ate there around 1977…still had three stars.
The guy at the table next to ours had a heart attack. The EMTs came and carted him away. Everyone else kept eating away.

The wine list was amazing then.

When the TGV could bring Parisians down to Vienne for lunch, the list got decimated.

I haven’t eaten at a three star in ages, but back then you got a starter, fish course,meat course, salad, cheese trolley and dessert and then had to lie down for a while.


I never asked for the wine list as a 375 was included from a small list on the menu.