La Pyramide in Vienne France - September 2023

Hi there.

I need help with a wine list, and would appreciate an assist.

Here’s the menu + wine list. I’m looking for suggestions at to what wine to order. The menu is on the right (helps if you speak French). I’m not sure what I’m going to order for lunch. I know I can ask the restaurant for a wine suggestion, but thought I’d ask here first.


The Château Soucherie Savennières Clos des Perrières 2015 was succulent when I had it a few years ago so maybe their Anjou is good as well.

But I’m sure the restaurant has another more extensive wine list if you need more options.

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For sure, I’ve understood that this is one of the top restaurants in the area. When visiting Xavier Gerard the restaurant’s team of sommeliers where there tasting extensively through the range and different vintages.

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Their main list runs to about 200 pages and has some significant bargains

This looks like a great value menu. I would go with either the white or red Grignan les Adhemar. This used to be the Coteaux du Tricastin. It’s very close to local and more specific than a Guigal Cotes du Rhone.

Dan Kravitz

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Hi Dan,

Is there a particular reason you chose this restaurant, if you don’t mind my asking? Have you read the Wechsberg article?

Also, the actual pyramid itself (very near the restaurant) I found really worth a visit, if for no other reason than to contemplate the vast arena (circus) underneath it/that surrounded it. (This area, specifically Lyon, as you may know was the capital of Roman Gaul/France.)


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I only see articles from years ago. Is there a link that will take me to the article you’re suggesting?

I wanted to spend the day away from Lyon, and this restaurant is sort of close. Joe C, a wine critic that many of you know, had dinner there recently. The photos on Instagram and his descriptions of the food read like 100 points. I can afford lunch at 89 euros. Dinner is just a bit more costly. :wink:

Any other suggests. Lunch is this Thursday.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.


Roanne: Troisgros.

On a completely different register, there is a restaurant in Bourg-En-Bresse that offers a wonderful poulet au vin jaune:
Poulet de Bresse “Miéral” à la crème, vin Jaune & Morilles

The rest of the menu is decent (the coeur de ris de veau is also special) but the Bresse chicken is killer. It’s right next to the theater. It’s called Brasserie du théatre.

Weirdly enough, the choice of vin jaune on the list is very thin but the wine list is pretty good:
Wine list

It’s about 75km from Lyon. There’s not much to see in Bourg-en-Bresse but that’s where my car dealership is so I found this restaurant looking for something while my car was being serviced.


No availability on Thursday, and I can’t make it on another day. Thanks.

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Menu looks delicious, but it’s a little far away. Thanks.

Le Table de Guy in Bron.

Dan - This is the article.

(Yes, it’s a little old.). Reading this article 30 years ago caused me to make a detour to Vienne/Pyramide when I was driving through Lyon & the northern Rhone a few years later, and lead me to read all of Wechsberg’s writings on French food & culture. He was a great writer.

RIP Fernand Point. (& Wechsberg)

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This is a very good wine list at a wonderful restaurant with a stunning room overlooking a valley - and a very keen young sommelier… Just mentioning as I know the area (which is a little off the Rhone valley) for one reason and another…

This is the restaurant: La carte - Restaurant la Bòria, Privas, Ardèche


Hotel des Bains in Charavines must be mentioned always when talking about restaurants in this part of France, of course you go there for the wine list first and foremost as the food is good but casual.


This too, but is a trip to get there.

Last time I ventured there, the Somm was off and most of the wines on the list were unavailable.

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I hate when that happens. On my last visit the very affordable Ganevat domaine wines were likewise ”sold out”.

Even though this article is a few years older than I am, I’m now < All-In. >

Now if only I could eat lunch at the Russian Tea Room in NYC. I can buy lunch for everyone responding here since it’s only 65 cents!

Thanks again.

You’re welcome. Please report back on the visit & experience.

Yes, “man-sized cocktails” - and I thought I missed the Russian Tea Room from 40 years ago [went in my late teens]! (Note also the ad for 2 continuous orchestras/bands playing all evening/dancing - free - at Tavern on the Green…)

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Joe C from Wine Spectator recommended LA Pyramid in Vienne France. It’s a 20 minute train ride from Lyon. It’s Michelin 1 Star. Dinner was expensive, but lunch was an ‘affordable’ 89 Euros all-in including service, so I treated myself. Lunch was a leisurely 2.5 hours. This is a beautiful place with over the top attentiveness and flawless service.

A few fun things to start before my bluefin tuna first course. See menu for additional details. My main was the Veal Loin. I can’t describe how delicious both items were. Hopefully the photos on Facebook will convey this. A brioche roll and a butter like cheese was delicious as a spread. The peach dessert was a special dish. Description on the menu.

The little glass of red was hibiscus juice. Not my style. But the pink drink was calling out to me. The waiter said it was a Rhubarb Spritz. It smelled and tasted devine - 100 points on both. Oh, and the wine wasn’t bad either. Coffee and other bites followed. Lunch was billed as 2 courses; but with the additions, it truly was an experience I’ll never forget. FYI, a 375 of wine, coffee, and flat/sparkling water was included.

I didn’t expect a bucket list experience, but a bucket list experienced is what I got.

Feel free to friend me on Facebook to take a look at the photos.

Background info for my trip. My wife was in London with her brother. When she’s away with him, I like to go somewhere good. My first choice was Rome (never been), followed by Amsterdam (nobody ever said go to AMS to eat). Since flight times to Rome weren’t good, Lyon was the best choice for this foodie.