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I had the fortune to taste these wines Saturday with the winemaker, the Mrs., and some dear friends and I think the offering notes hit the nail on the head. The sav blanc ($45) is really a beautiful Sancerre-like wine. Minerality and balance from a single vineyard in St. Helena. I’m kicking myself for not ordering before. Our party was split whether this or the Larkmead was the best sav blanc of the trip. For the quality and price, it is a no-brainer for me. The reserve cab (2017), not offered today, was also a winner. In the future, we can all look forward to some single vineyard cabs that, if I recall correctly, will be middle-tier between the Napa and reserve (don’t shoot me if a got their pecking order wrong).

The cab really punches above it’s class too @ $75. It would be a nice change of pace from the more fruit forward Rivers Marie and Mending Wall wines (which I enjoyed on this trip, purchased, and would recommend too).

This year, they are offering 6-packs of each varietal and finally a mixed 6-pack option. $1 shipping on all orders of 12 or more.

2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley
Expressive nose with bursts of citrus, lemon zest, white cherry blossom, white peach, jasmine, and lychee. The palate is crisp with vibrant acidity. This wine has nuances of minerality complemented with intensive white fruit flavors. The acid balances the palate and leaves layers of texture.

2018 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
From an old vine site in St. Helena, farmed organically by Silverado Farming Company. The dry-farming process produces fruit with excellent balance and intensity. Grapes were picked at first light during a cold foggy morning. We pressed whole clusters slowly to extract the free run juice without breaking the stems. The juice settled in tank for 24 hours prior to being transferred to 35% new French oak and 50% cigar shape barrels to cold ferment for 6-8 weeks, then aged for 19 months with very little intervention, racking only once prior to bottling. A blend of four appellations; Coombsville, Oak Knoll, Oakville, and St. Helena. Aged for 18 months in 50% new French oak and an additional 6 months in bottle prior to release. Aromas of blueberry, creme de cassis, black licorice, strawberry, dark plums, graphite, and crushed rocks. The palate presents a medium to full body and polished tannins, with inky flavors of ripe blackberry, blueberry, and earth. Textural with bright acidity and freshness, this wine lingers with delight on the finish.

No affiliation, of course.

I bought the 2017 Reserve last year and they are delicious. ordered 6 of the SB and NV (Ground Level membership) and the $1 shipping makes it a no brainer.

Will be in for at least a 6 of the cab. Debating 12 or adding 6 of the SB. Decisions decisions.

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The SB is delicious. One of the best I’ve had.

I’m already in for a sixer of the cabernet, and if a prospective client utters that magical three letter word in the morning, I’m going to go back for the second six pack. Because why not? Life’s short- Treat Yo Self

Haven’t had a bad bottle yet from La Pelle. Love everything they do. [cheers.gif]

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The SB is one of our favorites, never tried the Cab. We’re tending towards a leaner style lately… can someone weigh in on where this is on a scale of say any of the TRB wines to Di Costanzo?

My 2c, for what it is worth, is they are more to the Di Costanzo end with more body. If Di Costanzo is a 3 and TRB an 8 on the ripeness scale, I would say these are a 5.

If anybody wants the Sav Blanc, I would buy today. They sold out of the blanc last year in 24 hrs and I think supply is about the same this year.

Thanks to you folks, now I’m considering the SB. Was 18 a good vintage for whites?

I gather 18 was supposed to be outstanding for Napa red/white and that is consistent with what I tasted last week.

can second the sentiment of John above. Great people and the wines truly perform way above the price of admission.

RE: @jake R- More freshness and purity rather than ultra ripe. I would say more Spottswoode than TRB.

Also they changed the requirements and are offering a 6 pack (3+3 of SB and Cab) makes this even more of a no brainer for me. [cheers.gif]

To add my two cents- excellent QPRs as the SB is one of the best SB under $70 and the Cabernet will go toe to toe with any bottle under $125. It’s not a TRB or BC which I really enjoy rather a less ripe, bigger bolder more complex version of the other side of the valley all while not leaning towards the dry or lean side by any stretch plus with great structure. I am in for a case and it’s nice to be able to mix a six pack this year. I haven’t tasted these recently but this is a great time to open some!

Joined in on the fun here thanks to RyanA. Did 3 SB, 3NV and 3 Reserve. Looking forward to trying these out.

Pretty excited about these new single vineyards releasing next week from La Pelle. I was surprised not to hear more chatter.

Not to mention one of the best wine labels around…which we all know is the most important thing when it comes to purchasing wine.

2018 Ceniza Vineyard

  • Ceniza Vineyard (Spanish for ash) is located in Coombsville AVA where the soils are volcanic ash with layers of rich loam.
  • Vines are 18 years old, 3 different clones, VSP training, sustainable farming.
  • 22 months in barrel, 70% new oak, all French coopers; Taransaud, Sylvain, Ermitage.
  • Release - February 2021, $125

2018 Red Hen Vineyard

  • Red Hen Vineyard is located in Oak Knoll AVA, on westside where the mountains meet the valley. The soils are well drained gravelly loam with some clay mixed within.
  • Vines are 20 years old, VSP training, organic farming.
  • 22 months in barrel, 70% new oak, all French coopers; Taransaud, Sylvain, Ermitage.
  • Release - February 2021, $125

2018 Alluvium Vineyard

  • Alluvium Vineyard is located in St. Helena AVA, on the westside of Highway 29, where the soils are mainly alluvial fans.
  • Vines are nearly 40 years old, California sprawl, sustainable farming.
  • 22 months in barrel, 75% new oak, all French coopers; Taransaud, Sylvain, Ermitage.
  • Release - February 2021, $125

Very excited - and the labels do look super cool. I am in for a three pack of each at a minimum. Wish I could get up there to taste before they sell out. If these are anything like the other wines they will be a great QPR. I can’t believe they are $125 for SVD.

In for that Alluvium and Ceniza for sure, if offered…

What do you guys think about the vineyards featured here? I was assuming the price point was more commensurate with these not being among the highest tier sites in Napa, but I could be completely wrong.

I don’t know where Alluvium and Ceniza relative to the primo vineyards are in St. Helena and Coombsville.

Just took a look at the other bottles, super cool idea to represent the soils on the bottles.

Hello all
Thanks so much for the interest and the support in La Pelle wines. I have been enjoying reading a lot of the comments here. our offer is coming out Feb 17th and we will be offering a mix introduction pack (1 wine of each of the vineyard) or 3 packs (3 bottles of same vineyard). Our shipping cost will be flat cost and La Pelle will absorb some of it to make it easier for everyone.
I am super excited about the wines and the vintage in general, each one of the wines is really showcasing the site its coming from and the great vintage.
By the way, the labels are high Rez of the soil profiles in each site :slight_smile:

Please reach out with any questions

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I saw your comment about each site, here’s some more info about each of them -

The Alluvium is just behind Dr Crane, close to Inglenook drive, vines are from 1981 and the soil is a classic Alluvial fan, river bed like most of the west side of Saint helena…well drained but create very dense, dark and complex wines with sweeter round ripe tannins.
the Ceniza is in Coombsville, the vineyard is close to the eastern hills (closer to Farella) and the soil contain volcanic ash and rich loam, with cooler weather this wine is the darkest and most dense in color but still excellent acidity and tones of crush rocks and freshness.
The Red Hen is coming from a very specific block in the vineyard ( vineyard is owned by Joseph Phelps and we farm it) - the soil gravely loam with clay which create very unique wines, tons of structure, crushed rock and powerful tannins with red fruit tone and freshness. I really like this one, its fresher but still ripe and vibrant with excellent structure.
If you want to see more info -

email me with any questions.

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