La Paulee 2023 Offline? March 4 - NYC

My wife (who is as knowledgeable or more about wine than me!) and I will be going to La Paulee for the first time this year on 3/4. It happens to coincide fairly well with our anniversary, so we thought it would be a good chance to get away. Would be happy to get together with any Berserkers who might wish to do an offline dinner the evening of 3/4. We’d need help organizing as we aren’t familiar with the NYC BYOB scene. Feel free to PM or respond here. Thanks!

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Sign me up. Can help find a venue as well once we have more info (although other WB who are local may have ideas as well).

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Awesome, thank you!

Depending on size and people’s willingness to spend, you could do a private dining room somewhere and negotiate corkage

Definitely a possibility if we get a critical mass. Think we’ll need to know within a week or so to start making those sorts of plans.

I’d like to join you. Depending on the cost.


We will try to select something reasonably priced, for sure! Thanks, Tom.

Benoit has solid food and a private room

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Benoit is solid. I do work dinners there where someone else picks up the check and corkage ($50? $60?) and I bring the wine. Mark - do you know what details are for group corkage/the private room? In past I found them unyielding.

Will book the Bar Room at the Modern tomorrow so there is a place on hold ($35 corkage).

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Old faithfull, Peking Duck House, corkage is $10/btl. Sometimes I can get no corkage.

Seems like we have 5-6 interested so far. Really looking forward to it!