La Fete du Champagne: The "La Paulee" of Bubbles!

Well, this looks promising! champagne.gif

Looks like quite an event.

I very much want to go but will be traveling the long weekend after then then weekend after that :frowning:. This sounds like a GREAT event!

This looks awesome! Does anyone know how to obtain tickets for the event?

Fantastic! I’m going to see about flying out for it - perhaps we should plan a NYC BerserkerFest for that weekend, since that’s the time we typically have done it in the past?

Stay tuned - they only announced that they will be on sale “this summer.” If AMEX is a sponsor (like La Paulee), there may be an exclusive presale.

Are you going Scott?

Wow, that looks fantastic! Too bad I have a conflict with an academic meeting that weekend…

Darn – it’s being held about 300 yards from my home, but I’m away that weekend. There’s always next year (hopefully).


Oh yes, thank you very much.

Bring on the antacid!

Bring lots of Nexium.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

i wonder how it’s gonna be priced, like la paulee? if so that’s gotta be pretty damn pricey for champagne.

me and the girly are planning on attending this event. Any idea on price roughly?

No clue on pricing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the grand tasting and gala are priced like Paulee, perhaps a bit less because it’s smaller. They aren’t doing any crazy blowout DRC-like dinners (at least not this first year) which are normall the most expensive part of Paulee. With respect to the tasting, though, I’d note that if Selosse, Salon, Krug, etc. are pouring, those wines are no less expensive than the GC Burgs poured at the walk-around tasting at Paulee (note that most producers there don’t pour their most limited/allocated/expensive wine).

yeah but only if they are pouring multiple wines from their stable. Each producer at La Paulee brings a large range of wines. I’m curious how it’ll be set up.

I just called the number. No prices have been confirmed yet. He did say the tasting would be cheaper than the dinner. Tickets would be on sale later this summer.

I may fly in from Chicago for this myself, assuming the price for tickets is reasonable.

That, along with what the cost ends up as, is what has me concerned. I missed out on the La Paulee Verticals because it sold out to Amex cardholders.