La Fete du Champagne back in NYC in 2018

November 8-10. No ticket sales yet of course but they’ve announced the date.

I’m determined not to be on vacation that weekend…

I was at the grand tasting a couple of years ago and it was a fun event. Got to learn more about a bunch of producers I did not know that well. Really helpful as I am really in the learning stage on Champagne.

My one problem is that I had a much harder time getting through all the wines I wanted to taste than I do when I go to the Paulee grand tasting. Not sure whether it was the bubbles or the acidity (or both).

I couldn’t get through them all either. Tough work trying!

I’m very much looking forward to this. It’s a great event and a place where, despite a certain amount of NY socialite action, the NY Champagne geeks (including the professionals) gather.

Both the food and wines at the grand tasting were excellent. Jay, you’re clearly excited! Perhaps another night of Chinese and bubbles?


Sounds like a plan. But maybe not the night after the grand tasting? My palate is pretty shot by the end of it.

Agreed. The food’s so good, I leave that tasting full.


Same here. I still remember pairing (again and again) the Benoit Lahaye ‘La Violaine’ with the A5 Miyazaki steak that deBragga was serving. Though I’ve ordered so much from deBragga since then that they’ve recouped their investment at least a hundredfold.