KY joins (partially) the 20th century!!!

So I am a native homegrown boy from Louisville and could NOT be more excited about this news! Thanks to HB 415, we are now a shipping state finally. Due to the economic crisis, our Bourbon producers were primarily responsible for this legislature in order to ship their product directly across America. It is reciprocal, si I can finally have wine sent directly to my home. This is a game changer for me!!!

Great news!

Great news!

I love KY!

Exciting news now that we are twenty years into the 21st century. Hopefully this is the domino falling that starts the trend…


Whoa. That’s huge. How long until “hostage” Bourbons and waiting lists. I don’t ever see NC giving up its state monopoly, though.

Double edged sword, I can hear your savings account shrinking [snort.gif]

Fair point Scott!


What did HB 415 do to the old Wet/Moist/Dry county system?

A few years ago, there was a Kentucky state supreme court decision wherein the court basically threw its [collective] hands up in the air and said the law [in conjunction with ancient county traditions] was too arcane, too complex & too impenetrable for anyone to be able make heads or tails of it.

At this point in the 20th Century, weren’t we starting prohibition?

ahh, it always comes down to the Bourbon for Bluegrass boys. [wink.gif]

I honestly thought this was about lube delivery.

Sadly, we are still approx 2/3 dry…pathetic!



Kinda sad in this day and time. Our governor shut down our liquor stores.

So how does the legislation read, in terms of shipping into wet vs moist vs dry counties?