Kuvée - Wine preservation bottle

wine preservation seems like a hot space…here’s another entrant.

Yeah I can see a whole bunch of people spendin a few hundred dollars on a preservation system that offers a limited list of wines bottled in a way that may or may not age well… Right…

It does look like an interesting system. I can’t tell what the ‘technical specs’ are since that image is not there, but it seems that the concept is a screw cap with some mechanism underneath that allows you to pour wines without allowing oxygen in. My guess is that the bottle is reusable and possibly refillable.

Not sure all of the electronic stuff is necessary, but it sure is ‘geeky’ and I can see lots of folks digging this.

Screw caps - yep . . . flirtysmile


From what I can tell, you have to buy the wine from them pre-packaged in their bottles that insert into the larger device. Limited market for that, I’d think.


Limiting to producers willing to bottle in their special packaging is going to be the kiss of death.

Excessive protection against oxidation of wines that don’t warrant it.

It is a limited market potential system - but I think that’s okay. MOST of what happens in the wine biz is for limited consumption, right?

Interesting - need to know more . . .

Well . . . .

All of these folks buying coravins/pungos/etc want to make sure that their wines do not oxidize, right?!?!?

Again, I think this does have a limited market, but the marketing is good - you only want to open a bottle and have a glass - how do you prevent oxidation? Yep, other systems out there but this ‘seems’ kinda cool . . .


FWIW, the wine is apparently in a collapsible bladder inside the canister, an update on the bag in a box. I found a couple of reviews that suggest the wine oxidizes more slowly, but does change (although, these were prototypes).


^ makes it even less appealing.

Thanks for the links. I read the CNET review and found it interesting. One thing that’s not clear is whether or not they tasted all wines blind or not - I’d be curious to see.

I think that these types of reviews would show ‘mixed results’ for nearly every preservation system - I have not found one to be fail safe . . .


Another customer (former) of mine enters the game. Am I a bad influence? Hahaha


The Verge review was…interesting

Dumb question. If the only point of the device is to let you drink a glass of wine at a time without having it go bad but the wine has to be bottled in custom bottles then wouldn’t it just be easier to custom-bottle smaller bottles and forget about the silly device.

It’s kind of like, instead of selling a 64 ounce steak and giving complicated instructions on how to handle the leftovers, you just sold 16 ounce steaks instead.

yes, the whole concept seems bizarre to me.

but maybe there are some producers, and their clients, who actually prefer this complicated system for wine delivery. to wit: a long time ago i went to a party where the host spent an inordinate amount of time showing us their food service / industrial wine tapping system, and how they had a half dozen bottles on tap. so at a party where there were 50-100 people in attendance, and guzzling wine (good stuff as our host was prosperous), and probably the last situation where one needs to worry about leftovers/saving swill, we were all standing around the tapping system, like folks at a college party, with plastic crushy cups, hoping the keg still had some beer by the time we could squeeze in…

they exceeded their funding goal very quickly, so there are at least some folks interested in this.

What am I missing here? Isn’t a Coravin superior in just about every way?

It does look like a nice way to hide the label of the terrible wine that will ultimately go in it.

This is a great way to serve your guests plonk while looking classy.