Kutch 2022 Trout Gulch Chardonnay SCM

I don’t post many notes these days on still wines because I really don’t drink many anymore. But I continue to buy and support Jamie’s wine because they continue to evolve and improve and he pushes himself to make better stuff every year. We’ve got our favorite producers and we have people that we like to open, this is my producer.

And by the way this is 59 bucks on the mailing list. For the quality that’s here at that price, and for the improvements that he keeps making on these wines, merits a post here and my note. Hey @J_Sun, don’t know if you bought the Chard in your order or if you like Chard or this style but you might want to add a bottle.

  • 2022 Kutch Chardonnay Trout Gulch Vineyard - USA, California, Santa Cruz Mountains (4/8/2024)
    Looks like I am the first to go here. I got 4 of these last month in my shipment so figured I could give one a spin across three nights. Opened yesterday. At that time, there was an unctuousness to the wine, a concentrated yellow apple that had this cool decadence to it, all of course wrapped up in the typical Kutch citrus. Enjoying again today, using a light chill having taken it from the fridge about an hour ago. Aromatically, a punch to the beak of lemon oil and sliced yellow apple, plus some toast which I would believe is coming from the 20% new wood this sees. Then when hits my palate, it's like lemon highway across it, with both lemon curd and lemon peel. That is pretty similar to yesterday, that kind of unctuousness I tried to describe--it's curd-like. But then when the thought might occur that this could be too heavy or tiring, no way. A rush of lemony acid breaks right through to carry the wine. Then the finish, which has some tangerine, spicy yellow apple and some wet stone. I thought too that there was a kiss of vanilla in the wine yesterday but I don't find it today. This is a killer version of Trout Gulch, and just bottled last month so this is still a young wine but what is already here is a ride of delight--power and yet electric.

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I loved the 20 my friend popped and loved the 21s ive had! Got 6 of the 22 so will take one for a ride soon!

Jamie gave me one on bottling day when I dropped off the Falltacular award, then I got 4 more in my order. I’m on a no alcohol high protein diet right now and haven’t been able to pop one. Thanks for taking one for the team Frank! He said his upcoming release of Salt Point Chard is the best Chardonnay he’s ever made, don’t miss it.

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The 21 Salt Point I found to be rich, not so much in the electric Kutch style. When I had it blind last year I put that wine on Rivers-Marie. It seemed to have a throttle that threw me off. So, if the 22 is as Jamie sees it, then I’ll buy several when it’s released this year.

From my years in knowing Jamie, he’s as honest when a wine excels for him as he is when he makes something that he feels fallls short. If anything the latter, which is akin to my earlier remark about continuous improvement and pushing higher his results.


Bummer! Didn’t see your note until now, and since I am heavy PN drinker but near no white, I didn’t pick up any from Jaime… But your note makes me want try it next time.

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Its one of the best chards ive tasted

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Finishing this up tonight. Just a glass left for what is the 3rd day. Generous yet balanced and the acid lifts the wine perfectly. No glossy texture or excess weight and for sure no gross oak. Jamie nailed this wine.


Will have to pop one this week!

Funny, as I’m sitting here right now drinking my first bottle which arrived last week. Excellent note that’s spot on. My only wish is that there was more stone and less lemon, like the first vintage, but that’s just me…not really a lemon fan. But I think that will fade with some age. This is the best he’s made since that first vintage, which was a hands down rock star.

Jeff, give it air. If you do that (at least for me) the lemon relaxed a little bit more.

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Correct…it really flesh out with some air and gained complexity. This will be REALLY nice with 2-3 years of bottle age.

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