kudos to Eric

So glad you are enjoying.

I’ve been watching my count too, sitting at 70. I’d like to reach 100 which has moved me to get off the beaten path. Like summiting Everest, the closer you get the tougher it is.

140 for me?!?

I never thought of that: 131 tasted, but only 60 in the cellar.

I’m just trying to figure out if Serge likes Chidaine Les Choisilles or not. [snort.gif]

But only Welschriesling? I’m disappointed in you, Serge.

Mine shows 99 but I know its much higher than that.

Lets not forget that many of the ‘varietals’ as labeled by CT are blends. It is one of those things that really bugs me with CT. I know there is no better solution than as it is but when things like blanc de blancs Champagne end up under Chardonnay then it can become confusing when you want to sort your cellar in certain way. Bordeaux blend is often mostly Cab of course but can include several things. Etc.

Ahhh grasshopper…

Richard Jennings is at 319.

I’m happy with 25. Great site and irreplaceable asset to any wine lover I would think, not that I manage my wines with any accuracy, there is just so much great stuff there, the professional notes all on one site… Thanks Eric!!