Krug Vintage 2008

Over the years I’ve read numerous comments that said Krug would not be making a 2008 Vintage and the full harvest had been used for reserves. So I was slightly surprised to see Tyson Stelzer announce the launch today, which looks like it’s going to be in September:

I can’t see anything else online about this so was curious if others had heard or seen anything.


Just kidding. No idea. I’ve googled a bit but cant find any hits on this elsewhere. Be interested to see what people say.

Confirmed. 2008 Krug is coming out in September. Just heard from my LVMH guy.

Hmmm? I do know this, if there is a 2008 Krug…Cfu and the LA crew will be poppin these all over IG! champagne.gif

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I seem to remember hearing, that due to the state of the economy in 2008, that production had been severely reduced. Does this mean that the wine was made and simply not released?

I thought harvests were pretty decent in 2008, the issue just being that there was quite a decent volume of nice champagne still being stored?

They’ll harvest most vintages, and keep them in library for NV at the very least.


A side by side tasting of the 164eme and the vintage 2008 should be interesting. My money is on the 164eme.

Volume was fine in 2008 and 2009. The economic effect was felt with the wines from 2009 and not 2008. The end result was more wine in 2009 held in reserve or used for NV rather than being used for vintage wines that would sit in inventory (that was already high) for a long time.

Why was it previously announced that there would be no Krug Vintage 2008?

I don’t recall any announcement about no 2008 Krug. They made the wine. Krug has made wines and not released them in the past so that always remained an outside possibility though very, very remote. I remember rumors that it wasn’t made or wasn’t going to be released and then silence from Krug which added to the mystery (probably on purpose - good marketing). The only official announcement on a Vintage Krug you would expect to be made that wasn’t was 2012… and that doesn’t mean any/all 2012 Krugs were not made - it just means no 2012 straight vintage.

looking forward to it

Michael S. Monie wrote:
A side by side tasting of the 164eme and the vintage 2008 should be interesting

That would be a fun tasting! A good reason to buy a bottle, to compare the two.


First US availability I’ve seen is today at Bedford Wine Merchants…$350 [head-bang.gif]

Same here. Also read/heard about the non-release of the 2008 due to various reasons so am mildly surprised that there is one after all.

Great shop but they usually charge top dollar