Krug 167e

Served in Pinot glass at Republique. Thin and acidic similar to 166e but this also has a green bitter component in the finish that is unpleasant. As good as 165e and potentially 164e are the 166e and 167e are not.

I agree, didn’t care for either 166 or 167.

166 is just a weaker version of 164.

And who cares about 2011? Worst vintage in recent memory.

Thanks for the heads up. Found a retailer selling 167e for $140 and was going to split a 6 pack with a friend.

Waiting patiently for 168 (‘12 base for my first born).

I disagree with this. Yes, 2011 is a below average year, but I put it equal in overall quality with 2010 and a good deal better than 2001 and 1994 (though you could say 1994 is not recent). 2017 may also end up worse.

Had a stellar bottle of 166 at spago on thursday night. Best krug I’ve had in a while.

Having had all the editions and plenty of back non coded Krugs, I am not as thrilled with 166&167. Time will benefit both of them and hopefully they will turn. When I tasted the 167 it just hit the shore, so maybe it had some bottle shock. Some would argue that the NV Krug is best in crappy years as the percentage of reserve wines is the highest. While this is not always the case it did prove right in the blind Krug NV vertical tasting some years ago at Krug with the whole team in attendance. Krug was completely surprised at the result and celebrated with a special label and limited release “Savior-Faire” bottling.