Kracher, PX, Noon, Fox Creek, Pahlmeyer

I’m selling off a few odds and ends that I’m unlikely to ever open. The sherries were stored passively underground at my parents’ house–I think it topped out in the low 60s, but I’m not totally sure–I doubt it matters a whole lot for wines like that though. The rest were Eurocaved.

Buyer pays shipping, but I’ll hand-deliver free in NYC. Prefer checks (or cash, if you’re local) but I do have paypal.


2 Chardonnay #13 1998 $75/each
2 Welschriesling #9 1996 $60/each


2 Red 1995 $125
1 Red 1997 $175

2 Noon Reserve Shiraz 1999 $55/each
2 Fox Creek Reserve Shiraz 1998 $100/each

1 Lustau Tintilla de Rota (similar to PX) $40

5 Alvear 1927 solera $25 (these are 750mls)

1 Toro Albala PX 1971 $40